Ten Types of Teacher You’ll Probably Meet in a Web Design School

Successful people often commend their professors for playing a great part in their college life. Equipped with their incredible and differing traits, teachers make every web design school a more fun and exciting place to learn. Here’s a quick rundown on our favorite professors.  

1. The Fashionista

Do you have that lecturer who wears the latest outfit you’ve been drooling over from the fashion magazine or runway show? Aside from designing websites, this professor also has the knack to mix and match clothes, which leaves you looking forward to his/her OOTD every class.

web design school: fashionista teacher


2. The Nerdy Hottie

Just when you thought your subject will be boring and filled with wimpy nerds, along comes a Clark Kent or Sue Storm look-a-like claiming to be your professor. Who says being sexy and smart don’t mix well? I bet you won’t be dozing off to sleep in class with this teacher ever again.

web design school: nerdy hottie teacher


3. The Mind Reader

One way or another, you’ll face a professor that can literally read your mind. Backed with years of experience, this fellow only needs a single glance to know what you’re thinking. So you’d better erase those negative thoughts before you make an eye contact with this powerful creature.

web design school: mind reader


4. The Coffee Addict

I’m sure you all have that instructor who would sport a Starbucks cup in one hand. This professor is often nocturnal so without the daily dose of caffeine, you’d better prepare yourself for a serious discussion.

web design school: coffee addict


5. The Old Schooler

Though web design is a fast-paced field, some teachers still prefer the traditional way of teaching—whiteboard and pen over gadgets and PowerPoint presentations. He/she’s the best person to ask about hard coding programs in various platforms.

web design school: old schooler


6. The Cool Sir

The type who brings cool rides at school and explain complex terms in ways even kids would understand. Sometimes, he’s mister-know-it-all (but not in an annoying manner) and the #TeacherGoals of every student and professor.

web design school: cool sir


7. The Human Debugger

This good-to-be-true professor has a knack for spotting the bug in your long string of codes. He/she is the best person to ask whenever you need advice or are in desperate need of someone who can make your program work.

web design school: human debugger


8. The Ms. Congeniality

The professor that every student and teacher knows and loves. She’s the epitome of a social being who can’t go anywhere on campus without saying hi to at least 10 people.

web design school: Ms. congeniality


9. The Tech Genius

He/she is the professor who can recite the specs, features, and tech requirement of any gadget and software. You can ask him/her on tools or platform to buy or use for a certain project backed with strict or complex details.

web design school: Tech Genius


10. The No-Nonsense Prof

Often the most dreaded person in the campus, this educator often favors students who crave for more knowledge. Though scary, he/she is always fair in giving praises and good grades to deserving students.

web design school: no-nonsense prof


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