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Learn Robotics, Game Design, and Animation This Summer Vacation

Summer break is fast approaching. It’s one of children’s most favorite time of the year. Students waited 10 months for summer break, so each precious moment must count. They may have already set high expectations on activities they look forward to doing during their free time. To make their break worthwhile, enroll them in state-of-the-art summer workshops for children where they can learn and have fun at the same time.

CIIT Offers Fun and Informative Summer Workshops for Children

Children may ask, “why spend summer days going to classes when we’re supposed to be having fun?” Yet, who says learning can’t be fun, too? But when they find out they’ll study robotics, animation, and game design, they’ll change their minds real quick. So, which of these summer classes for children bore them?

List of Summer Workshops for Kids That Already Lost Their Luster

summer workshops for children 2018

Swimming Lessons

One of the summer workshops for kids that’s so common your children may have been to more than once already. Why not give your kids a new summer experience this time?

Theater Workshops

Give your kids a break from memorizing song lyrics, dance steps, and spiels. They’ve done enough memorization during school days; hence, guide them toward other learning activities they can enjoy.

Art Workshops

Don’t you think your children did enough drawings, paintings, and sculptures? In fact, they do these art projects in school, too. Let your kids try a new medium to express their creativity! Let CIIT teach them digital arts.

Benefits of Summer Classes for Kids and Teens

On summer breaks, kids take their much needed break to recharge from the stressful demands of their school work. Aside from that, summer classes help students learn important life values such as adaptability, confidence, and leadership and develop social skills to help them gain friends at once. Summer workshops help them stay active during this long idle period.

Learning must go beyond the four walls of their classroom and fun must happen not only during playtimes. This summer, CIIT College of Arts and Technology offers three cutting-edge summer workshop programs that stands out from other “old school” and humdrum workshops.

CIIT’s 2018 Summer Workshops for Children

2018 summer workshops for children

With CIIT, you can hone your young artists’ talent in a different, modern, and interactive medium. Further, you’d encourage their fondness for technology, too, by enrolling them in summer classes that will teach fundamental concepts on information technology (IT). Career experts predict an endless demand for IT-related jobs. Thus, exposing them to technology-based learning develops a practical aptitude for a fruitful career path.

2D Game Design

Who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog games? At CIIT’s game design and digital art workshops in the Philippines, they’ll learn how to create exciting 2D games as these two. Likewise, they’d have time to watch the pros work their magic in person as they visit the country’s premier development company, Anino Playlab.

3D Animation Character Design

Do your kids have a gift for sketching? It’s time to take their artistic talent a notch higher. With CIIT’s 3D Animation Digital Art workshops in Quezon City, their sketches can come to life. Groom your children’s passion for animation and watch them become the next Walt Disney.


Is your son or daughter tired of childish and boring workshops? Are they looking for unique experiences to tell their friends when they go back to school after summer? Enroll them in our summer classes that teaches the basics of robot technology. CIIT’s Robotics workshop is unlike every other 2018 summer classes in Quezon City.

Kids and teens, ages 10 to 19 years old, are welcome! Each workshop program ranges from six to eight sessions, with three to four hours of enjoyable and knowledge-packed class per session. To know more about CIIT’s summer workshops for children, visit this link or send us an email at info@ciit.edu.ph.

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Images courtesy of Unsplash.com

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