Summer Workshop


July 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, and 19 2023  at 9am to 12nn


8 workshop sessions
3 hours per session
Total of 24 hours


Launch your creative career

Nothing excites a child more than playing games, so what could be better than playing a game? Making a game of your own, of course! With this workshop, we’ll take your child through the basic mechanisms, helping them understand how a game works, and more importantly, how to make one. They’ll get up close and personal with different software and under the guidance of our seasoned instructors, they’ll be able to let their imagination run wild. From understanding different types of assets to crafting features, setting up timelines, modifying conditions, they’ll learn all of that and more.

Unity will be the main software that your child will learn to manipulate, a useful skill should they decide to pursue game development in the future.


  • Introduction to Unity 2D
  • Game Development Workflow
  • Assets
  • Physics of Unity 2D
  • Introduction to C# Programming
  • Creating Object Interactions
  • Planning and Developing Game
  • Features
  • Timeline Animation
  • User Interface
  • Scene Management
  • Mini Game Jam

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