Summer Workshops for Kids

Are your kids looking for a fun and educational activity this summer? Enroll them in something different yet filled with exciting activities! CIIT has various summer workshops that offer a unique blend of creativity and learning, where kids can explore the world of character creation, sketching, and game design while having a blast. Give your kids the opportunity to gain valuable skills and make new friends in an engaging and dynamic environment. 


Age Range: 8 – 15 years old

Program Description

Kids have a wild imagination and love to bring their creations to life. So why not help them? 

Our workshop, 3D Character Modeling, will teach kids the fundamentals of modeling to breathe life into their own unique characters. Guided by experienced instructors, they will experience a creative journey with a rendered video output showcasing their imaginative creations. 

What They Will Learn

  • 3DS Max Basic Modeling Tools and Shortcuts
  • Character Modeling
  • Basic Texturing/UV Mapping
  • Texturing in Photoshop
  • Basic Bone Setup
  • Skinning and Posing
  • Rigging
  • Animation 

Age Range: 8 – 15 years old

Program Description

As a kid, playing games is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. What could be better than playing a game? Creating your own, of course! 

Our workshop will take your child through the fundamentals of game design, teaching them how games function, and most importantly, how to bring their ideas to life. With guidance from our experienced industry instructors, they will gain hands-on experience with various software, letting them have the freedom to unleash their creativity and develop their own games. 

What They Will Learn 

  • Introduction to Unity 2D
  • Game Development Workflow
  • Assets
  • Physics of Unity 2D 
  • Introduction to C# Programming
  • Creating Object Interactions 
  • Planning and Developing Game Features
  • Timeline Animation
  • User Interface
  • Scene Management
  • Mini Game Jam

Age Range: 8 – 15 years old

Program Description

Kids of all ages love cartoons. Why not let them experience creating their own? 

Our Cartoon Illustration workshop is designed to unleash the kids’ creativity, teaching them how to breathe life into their characters and weave captivating stories. From the anatomy and body language of their creations to crafting engaging narratives, the kids will have step-by-step guidance from our experienced instructors. 

What’s even more amazing is the workshop comes with a 2-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud at no extra cost, ensuring they’ll have the tools they need to bring their imaging to life. 

What They Will Learn

  • Introduction to Adobe CC (Photoshop)
  • Basic Anatomy and Body Language (Character Construction) 
  • Bringing Your Character to Life (Characterization)
  • Narratives and Storytelling
  • Final Project

In a world dominated by animated series, cartoons, and online gaming, we understand the vibrant imaginations of our kids. Our specially crafted summer workshops aim to channel their love for characters, digital games, and drawing into a hands-on, interactive learning experience. 

At CIIT, we believe that every child is a natural-born artist. Our workshops provide a nurturing environment, encouraging kids to explore their creative talents, and bringing their ideas to life. From character design to sketching their imagination, we empower young minds to express themselves through various artistic and techy mediums.


Ready to get started?

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