Learn essential soft skills you will need to succeed in life when you enroll in an arts and technology course

5 Soft Skills Students Must Learn to Succeed in Life

Early in our school days, we learned to read, write, and count. Do you remember when you needed to finish projects on time, ace a spelling test, and report in class? We performed them to hone our skills, so we could figure out the areas to excel. Are you interested in web design or building a mobile app? If yes, then choose an arts and technology course to bring your ideas to life! Did you know these technical courses could develop your soft skills in academics? Read on to see how.

Soft Skills Defined: The Human Aspect of Success

With today’s technology putting strong emphasis in technical savvy, do you need soft skills to succeed? To answer, let’s first discuss what the term means along with its importance.

Soft skills allow you to interact with people and indicate a high level of emotional intelligence.

An NWEA and Gallup report described soft skills as the personality traits, motivations, and goals valued in the job market and in school. You can use your soft skills to convey your ideas and messages effectively. With the right set and technical knowhow, you may just succeed in life! In fact, the same research reported that 68% of employers believe you need a broad range of skills to achieve success.

Perhaps why you must develop your soft skills set is because of technology itself. A Forbes article discussed that these skills define the future of work. With knowledge readily available, anyone can learn the technical aspect of every job. What will make you different, then? Your soft skills are the human side of the equation—the game-changer of your success.

Soft Skills You Must Have to Succeed

Depending on your chosen field, you can acquire many soft skills. What we’ve presented here, aside that it’s based on the CNBC’s “5 Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2019,” are skills that you can develop when you choose from the list of CIIT short courses or enroll at our college courses. Ready to know which skills you may need to cultivate? Discover them below.

1. Creativity

How do you define creativity? Perhaps the most cliché definition is the ability to ‘think outside the box’. However, it isn’t just disrupting a set of rules so you give an idea outside the proverbial box. On the contrary, you must expand your imagination, weigh your decisions, and adopt new mindsets to think of a better approach. For example: How can you make your content, graphic design, and web program stand out? Here’s where you can stretch your creativity to reach your goal.

2. Communication and Persuasion

Do you have this brilliant idea about your passion—let’s say in animation or even game development—that you want to share with others? Indeed, telling your ideas will make a difference. It’s not just the act of saying; it’s how you handle yourself when you relate your ideas and listen to feedback. It’s how you present your ideas and persuade them that your idea has earned the attention it deserves.

3. Adaptability

Despite hardships, do you know how to power through them and still succeed? You must display this skill to reach your dreams. How do you react to unexpected circumstances? Can you adjust and continue despite the challenge? As an integral part of soft skills for student life, being adaptable allows you to respond to sudden changes and use them to your advantage to reach your goal.

4. Teamwork

Another important part of soft skills training for students you’ll have when you study at CIIT is teamwork. With teamwork, you’ll learn the value of compromise, finding common ground with your teammates to reach the collective goal! It may seem a challenge, but working together will always help produce more and, eventually, let you succeed.

5. Organizational Skills

What will make the other soft skills more effective? It’s when you develop them together with your organizational skills. This trait is a huge part of the soft skills training for students because you trained for this even early on in your education. Remember your project deadlines and unit tests? Aside from checking what you’ve learned, this particular soft skill attests to how you manage your priorities. It also allows you to develop your other skills too! No matter how creative, adaptable, and a valued team player you are, success comes only if you know how to organize your time, talents, and resources to achieve your goals.

Soft skills and technical skills differentiated in a list of examples

CIIT: The Arts and Technology College to Hone Your Soft Skills

By now, you must be thinking, “How do I develop my soft skills?” In time, you’ll encounter situations where you need to use them. With your chosen track—regardless of whether you’re deciding about K12 strands, college courses, or even short courses—you’ll have the chance to work on honing your skills. With the CIIT arts and technology course, you’ll learn all these, and more! Ready to discover your technical aptitudes and soft skills? Check out more soft skill activities for students when you enroll at CIIT!

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