Student Life

CIIT is a close-knit community that aims to give you a safe and secure space to freely express your individual creativity. Our colorful Interweave Building, located along Kamuning Road, is home to our college students or CIITzens (Citizens of CIIT). While our CIITeens (Teens of CIIT) or Senior Highschool Students populate our classrooms at Ignacia Place with their unique colors.

Student Culture

As a college of both Art and Tech and a diverse community, we encourage collaboration of all kinds. Our students not only learn the value of logic but also take pride in their creative spirit. We welcome creators from many different backgrounds because we recognize that each and every one of you is capable of weaving a future together.

There are a host of student organizations that you can choose from, whether your interest is in music or videography, gaming, or even anime. We encourage you to pursue your interests, to be free to be yourself, and be with others that are like you. CIIT hopes to be part of your journey as a creator and innovator and to be the second home that you can come back to.

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School Events

Events at CIIT are meant to engage our students and give you opportunities to participate in campus life. We like to start off the year by letting you all get to know each other through acquaintance parties for our Senior High and College freshmen respectively.

As a school of Arts, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, we hold in-house exhibits, showcasing the works of our students from their artworks to mobile software apps. You are also invited to take part in various competitions that can test your skill in everything from painting to game creating. Plus, we coordinate with different brands and organizers so you can participate in game exhibits and galleries.

In the spirit of building camaraderie and athletic skill, we also hold an annual sportsfest. We also organize seminars, so you can build your skills and knowledge in a multitude of disciplines.

Our events are here to show you that there is more to being a CIIT student than just academics. To be a CIIT student is to take the opportunity to participate, innovate, and let your creativity shine through!

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Student Organizations


24 Frames

24 Frames is committed to train the new generation of passionate Filipino videographers and filmmakers in the pursuit of Philippine Cinema. The organization also aims to produce talents that exceed in filmmaking within and beyond the institution.


Atelier is dedicated to provide opportunities for the collective growth of its artists. Atelier prides itself in its commitment towards providing holistic training and exposure in traditional arts to all of its constituents.

CIIT Scholars Guild

CIIT Scholars Guild

CIIT Scholars Guild (CSG) aims to recognize the abilities of the scholars beyond the four corners of the classroom. CSG would like the community to see that the scholars not only strive for academic excellence but also promote character building by embodying the institution’s core values in everything that it does. CSG sees it as its contribution to inspire other students to take part in active citizenry on and off campus.

Cosplay Arcade

Cosplay Arcade

Based in CIIT-College of Arts and Technology. CosCade is an organization that was established to promote the hobby of cosplay, creativity, and self-expression for the students of CIIT.

CIIT Gaming Community (CGC)

CGC is created for students who are passionate about games: may it be board, card, or electronic. It is built for players of any level to enjoy the gaming scene and create friendships and network along the way.



Gestalt is the student organization created for those who are into graphic design.

Lightbox (LBX)

The organization was established to unite talented individuals in the field of 2D animation. LBX  aims to unleash its  members’ potentials and nurture their passion in the animation industry through our chosen medium.

Pixel Hive

Pixel Hive

Pixel Hive is a student organization that aims to train, cultivate and inspire students in the art of digital illustration and concept design. Main focus is the publication of comics, manga, and book-like materials.


Safezone is an organization dedicated to promoting equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Their mission is to create a safe and comfortable environment where individuals can be themselves without fear of discrimination or harassment. 



The official dance organization of CIIT College of Arts and Technology.


Syntax is an organization that aims to promote the software development abilities of CIIT College of Arts and Technology students on and off-campus.


Ang Telon ay ang pamilya ng mga alagad ng teatro sa CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Layunin ng grupo na ipalaganap ang pagmamahal sa aming napiling sining sa pamamagitan ng pagsasadula ng iba’t ibang mga istorya na binuo at binigyang buhay ng aming mga miyembro.


TUNES is a community of students who share their love for music. The organization encourages its members to express themselves freely through singing, playing instruments, or just by simply enjoying music.

CIIT Student Council​

CIIT Student Council is the highest governing student representation in CIIT College of Arts and Technology.


Uphold the principles of ethical journalism, maintain accuracy of information and fairness in distributing facts, guard against any perceived bias that may corrupt our better judgements as writers, and swear accountability for all actions undertaken in the name of the organization.

Senior High School

M.E.D.I.A. (Making Everything Digital Into Arts)

M.E.D.I.A club provides students with the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talent through media, technology, and communication.


The Pantheon-Dynamix Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for CIITeens to exhibit their talent in performing arts. Whether it be through playing instruments, reciting spoken word poetry, dancing, hand miming, doing standup comedy, etc.

Panel Studios

Panel Studios! is a community centered around the visual storytelling mediums: comics, web-comics and manga.

Fitness Club

The Sports Club/Fitness promotes a school-work-life balance and focuses on attaining holistic health. It is also an outlet where students can freely express themselves.


LAPIS seeks to create well-rounded artisans and curators by exploring art history, learning different techniques, and discovering a deeper sense of appreciation for the arts.

Game Time

Whatever game you play, Game Time is building a community of video game lovers who not only enjoy playing games, but appreciate as an interactive art form and storytelling platform.

Visual Novel Development (VND)

A club dedicated to developing Visual Novels with strong creative elements. We strive to write immersive stories that we want others to enjoy as much as we do.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the official student-run publication of CIIT Senior High School. We advocate youth empowerment, press freedom, and responsible journalism.


Couture (formerly known as LMDC) is a student organization that gives a platform to fashion-lovers and aspiring designers to express their creativity and artistry through the art of fashion.


BYTES aims to engage students in the art and science of game development—from conceptualizing to programming to designing. Most of all, it encourages them to have fun.

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