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Steps in Finding Top Animation Schools in the Philippines

Finding top animation schools could be easy for an incoming senior high school student like you. However, choosing the right one among the leading institutions can be a crucial decision that can affect your future. Read on and learn how you can tell between an excellent and a mediocre animation senior high school. 

What to Consider When Finding Top Animation Schools

Before you enroll in any animation course, study first the factors that can affect your career as an animator. AllArtSchools.com suggested a few questions that can guide you as you decide on what school to attend. 

1. Do the teachers hold real-world experience?

Learning from teachers who have real world experience can be a great plus for your career. In choosing a school, inspect the quality and experience of their professors. Search for teachers who can:

  • Guide you on your career goals.
  • Offer advice and experience-based learning.
  • Help boost your strengths and detect good opportunities.
  • Act as a mentor and recommend you if you seem fit.
  • Provide you avenues into the real world. 

2. Is the school accredited?

Choose a government-accredited senior high school if you want to earn an animation degree valuable in today’s job market. With the rising number of schools and increased labor demand, DepEd’s accreditation ensures that a school’s curriculum is up to par with the international standards. To receive approval, a school must prove its capacity to equip students with the right skills the global market demands. You can ask the admissions officer or check the school’s website to know if it has DepEd’s accreditation.

3. Does the school specialize in animation?

Most specialized animation schools are complete with the latest tools, software, and expertise. Compared to normal schools that provide various courses for a breadth of knowledge, they offer focused and hands-on training to students who have a clear career path in mind. Choosing a specialized school will help you be job-ready as soon as you graduate. 

4. Is the school’s location favorable to you?

Location is one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a senior high school. Is the place safe and easily accessible? How far is the school from your home address? Are there transportations available to and from your house? Do you prefer a school in an urban, suburban, or rural place? Schools in big cities and towns may offer too many distractions but may also be near to studios and firms where you can apply for internships and jobs. Schools in small towns and rural areas may be peaceful and void of distractions but may lack enough opportunities to expand your skills. Be sure to check on all these factors when you pick your school.  

5. Does your school offer hands-on teaching approach?

Choose an institution that can provide the right balance between theories or concepts and practical application. A good senior high school should aim to give students skills that will equip them for their career or further college study. Since animation covers a wide spectrum of fields, you will need to gain exposure and experience to survive and rise above the tight race.

6. How long will it take to complete the program you chose?

Your length of stay in school can also affect your future career—the shorter your stay is, the faster you can start looking for a job. With the new K-12 learning scheme, who doesn’t want a lesser stay in college after 13 years of schooling? If you want to reduce your expenses and worries, look for schools that offer ladderized programs that will credit your subjects from SHS to college.

7. Does your school offer an internship program?

Schools affiliated with animation studios can open doors to various internship opportunities and trainings. You may network with seasoned professionals and gain hands-on experience, so you can get an edge when you start applying for jobs. 

8. Will the school help you with job placement after you graduate?

Choose an animation school that produces successful graduates. A school with work opportunity listings, stable partnerships in the field, and effective career guides will prepare you for the job market. The professors may also have contacts in the field and be willing to recommend you to the right people if you seem fit.

If you are still in the middle of finding top animation schools, CIIT Philippines can be a great choice. K-12 ready, we cater to senior high school and college students dreaming of becoming successful animators. Call us at 411-1196 or email us at info@ciit.edu.ph for the complete details of our specialized tracks.

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