Mobile App Development Specialist

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Learning is a lifelong process and we at CIIT, believe that you can master new skills regardless of where you’re at in life. So, we specifically designed Specialist programs that fit into your working schedules so you don’t have to call in sick or miss school to attend our classes. By making use of Virtual Classrooms, we aim to offer a student-centered educational experience with a personalized approach to online learning. Each program has a specific number of modules conducted every Saturday for 3-6 months and runs for 4 hours per session. See? It’s a win-win!. There’s no need to take time out of your weekday job or classes. Take part in one of our courses, build your skillset and learn with us every Saturday.

Mobile App Development Specialist


Jun 19 – Sep 4, 2021
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. This has created an opportunity to develop more and more apps to address specific needs and wants as dictated by societal trends. The possibilities are endless and everyone is welcome to explore them. Our program introduces you to various programming technologies such as the OS Software Development Kit (SDK). It gives you a grasp of the design and development that goes into creating a mobile application.

Once you have finished this course, you will be able to create and test a prototype of an industry-standard application written in the android java programming language. You will also have a grasp of basic debugging.

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