Mobile games have revolutionized the game industry through smart phones and other mobile technology, making them accessible to variety of audiences. Creating games for such platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), takes a lot of logical thinking and designing process. This course will arm you through these kinds of challenges and will help you create a game with limited resources due to restrictions of the different mobile platforms in terms of screen resolution, multi-tasked inputs, accelerometer, and optimized performance.

Module 1: Intro to Game Programming (48 Hrs – 12 sessions)

(Programming C# & Basic Unity 3D)
This module will introduce you to programs such as C# and Basic Unity 3D. You will learn the basics and backend of game development in this module in order to start designing your game.

Module 2: Mobile Game Development (40 Hrs – 10 sessions)

(Programming C# & Advanced Unity 3D)
This module is a continuation of the mobile development course, which is a venue for application of the knowledge you learned in Module 1. Through this module, you will learn Advanced Unity 3D and be able to export your game from desktop to mobile, ensuring its compatibility.

  • Virtual Campus: Feb 20 – Jul 17, 2021 (Sat) – 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM