Data Science Specialist

Data Science Specialist


October 21, 2023  –  January 13, 2024
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


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Nowadays, the potential of a market is driven by data. Vital for social media performance and website traffic, data analytics gives insight to current consumer behavior. Collecting and converting data can bring forward insights that spark positive growth in sales. Proper handling of data correlates to well-informed business decisions. Professionals make use of this skill in order to communicate effectively to their intended audience and craft visuals that efficiently deliver their insights to stakeholders. You will also increase your literacy in the workings of data analytics and put it into practice by using it to implement actions specifically targeted to particular business contexts.

Become an expert in extracting, analyzing, and converting data and bring effective business solutions while resolving real-world problems.

“The environment [here at CIIT] is very, very positive that it motivates you to give your very best…They [CIIT] try to excel in what they do, they try to excel in the academe…the platforms, the curriculum they have is very competitive.”

– Emmanuel Zabat

What to Look Forward To

Practical learning is still pivotal in our educational approach. You will be given access to software applications that you need to study the course.
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There will be both synchronous and asynchronous classes. While students are encouraged to attend the live video conferences, they will also be recorded and uploaded so students can re-watch their lessons and work on the materials at their own convenience.
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To guarantee a quality learning experience, we’ve selected industry practitioners who have had a wide experience in the course and are equipped to teach classes online. Most of them are also tenured Specialist Instructors who have been teaching these classes for years.
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Engagement will play a vital role in Specialist Virtual Classes. Hence, students will be given the time for coaching and mentoring sessions with their instructors where they can ask questions, consult regarding projects, or discuss their concerns.
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Future Career Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Analyst

Ready to get started?

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