Have you ever wondered how characters, objects, and environments are made into a 3D game of even in a computer-generated imagery (CGI) movie? 3D Design Development Specialist is designed to show and teach you how the world of Computer Graphics works, especially 3D. The procedures that you will learn are industry-based, which is an advantage if you want to pursue a career in this field. Learn from the fundamentals of 3D pipeline (modeling) to the advanced courses (texture, animation, and effects). The whole course includes:

  • 3D Studio Max basic controls
  • Sculpting characters, objects
  • Texturing and applying materials such as metal, cloth, glass, etc.
  • Rendering indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Basic concept to intermediate of animation
  • Setting up custom rig to control your character and objects
  • Generation of particles using particle flow
Students are highly encouraged to have a personal project in mind upon enrolling to make this a very rewarding experience.

Module 1: 3D Character Modeling (44 Hrs – 11 sessions)

3D Studio Max Basics and Modeling
Modeling is a term for sculpting in 3D. Turn your sketch ideas into a full 3D model. In this module, whether you are a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, you will learn the basics and the industry-proven methods of 3D pipeline, 3D Studio Max’s basic controls and 3D modeling itself. Start to model cars, characters, objects, and scenes.

3D Texture & Rendering
After turning your idea into a 3D object, you must apply colors and materials to add more depth to your concept. Learn how to un-wrap UVs and bring it to Photoshop. Start to paint textures and create realistic materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and many others. Then, put your model under a dramatic lighting setup to develop a rich sense to your concepts. Turn them into images or movie files upon rendering, the same as taking a picture.

Module 2: 3D Animation & Special Effects (AutoDesk 3D SMAX)

Rigging and Animation
This module will introduce you to the concept of rigging and 3D animation. Learn how to generate your own custom rig like strings on a puppet. Make them move as how you have imagined your model come to life.

Particle and Effect
Need more sparkle in your ideas? This is the wizardry in 3D. In this part of the training, we will introduce you to particles in 3D Studio Max. Create fireworks, lasers, clouds, and other elements that will give your project more drama and action.

  • Virtual Campus: Apr 24 – Oct 9, 2021 (Sat) – 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM