Pick up a paintbrush and pencil, and #Expressyourself

Evoke emotions, communicate ideas, and articulate concepts through
your artworks with our Traditional Sketching Course.

Understand the basics of creating masterpieces

Learn how to draw and paint realistic faces, figures, and backgrounds, leverage composition and various techniques to accentuate focal points, and gain confidence in your artistic skills.

  • Portraiture
  • Creating contours and perspectives
  • Artistic anatomy and proportions
  • Opaque painting
  • Sketching
  • Traditional vectoring, masking, and brushing techniques
  • Vanishing points
  • Week 1: The Face: An Artistic Study of How Muscles and Bones Shape the Face
  • Week 2: The Face: Angles and Expressions
  • Week 3: The Classical Greek Human Figure
  • Week 4: Foreshortening: Drawing the Figure in Perspective
  • Week 5: Hands I: Learn How to Draw and Paint the Basic Tools for human Articulation
  • Week 6: Hands II: Learn How to Draw and Paint the Basic Tools for human Articulation
  • Week 7: Full Figure Rendering
  • Week 8: One-Point Perspective
  • Week 9: Two-Point Perspective
  • Week 10: Final Output
  • Individual license to LYON (learning management system)
  • Access to all recorded sessions, lectures, and course materials
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • 100% online classes
  • Personal mentoring sessions with leading industry professionals
  • Certificate of Completion

  • Tuition Fee: ₱ 17,500

Why Choose CIIT?

Digitally Enabled Classes
There will be both synchronous and asynchronous classes. While students are encouraged to attend the live video conferences, they will also be recorded and uploaded so students can re-watch their lessons and work on the materials at their own convenience.
Industry Practioner Instructor
To guarantee a quality learning experience, we’ve selected industry practitioners who have had a wide experience in the course and are equipped to teach classes online. Most of them are also tenured Specialist Instructors who have been teaching these classes for years.
Coaching and Mentoring Sessions
Engagement will play a vital role in Specialist Virtual Classes. Hence, students will be given the time for coaching and mentoring sessions with their instructors where they can ask questions, consult regarding projects, or discuss their concerns.
Free Software
Practical learning is still pivotal in our educational approach. You will be given access to software applications that you need to study the course.
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Future Career

For Traditional Sketchers

  • Gallery artist
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Comic book artist

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