A Glimpse of Software Engineering Career in the Philippines

As a senior high school (SHS) graduate, you might be struggling to choose the right degree. It is one key decision that needs thorough assessment of various factors. Would you pursue a career related to your SHS strand or not? One of the choices available is a software engineering career. Many opportunities await you as soon as you obtain your BS Computer Science diploma.

Software Engineering Career Path

Now is the perfect time to plan your career. Are you eager to know the software engineering opportunities in the Philippines? Choose your dream software engineering (SE) job. Take a quick glimpse at this career path.

Software Engineering Career Path

Download a copy of this infographic here.

The Growing SE Career Opportunities

As the world goes modern each day, the cost of living soars. This prompts anyone to be practical especially on money matters. As students, you can help your parents plan for your college education. You can select a course that leads to a high-paying job and a fruitful career.

SE is a specific field of information technology (IT). The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) declared IT as the top priority course for AY 2017–2018. Also, LinkedIn lists software engineer as one of the best jobs in the United States in 2018. This means that the course will be in demand for the next couple of years. Thus, SE is a good career choice.

Besides the job demand, consider the salary when picking a course. As per PayScale, the average entry-level SE salary is P370,370 per year. Overall, the IT industry offers the highest-paying job for fresh graduates. Not only will you enjoy your career; you will earn big as well.

Start Your Software Engineering Career Now

Start Your Software Engineering Career Now

The decision is now in your hands. The rising IT industry ensures the success of your future. All you have to do to start your software engineering career is to enroll in the best software engineering school. Your action today will result to a bright future. As the leading SE school in the Philippines, CIIT offers industry-relevant training to its students. For further details about CIIT courses, you may contact CIIT at 411-1196 or send your email to info@ciit.edu.ph.

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