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Six Web Design Trends to Rule the Digital World in 2017

If you’re an incoming senior high school student, multimedia artist, or an IT professional planning to build a website, you should know current industry trends. This will make you competitive and give you a chance to increase traffic to your site. A top web design school, CIIT, lists the leading design trends you should expect to rule in 2017.

1. Custom-made graphics.

Designers will move away from using stock photos to make sites more engaging and interactive. Believing stock photos are now obsolete and make a cookie-cutter site, many add customized graphic images. This technique, which piques interest, aims to give sites a fresh look and improve user experience.

2. Age-tailored features and designs.

Today, we’re seeing how websites tailor their content to their target populations. This offers the most fitting contents for every age group. While current adjustments depend on users’ interests and age groups, online users may meet bigger changes in 2017. This comes after hearing talks on age-specific adaptations for sites. What can you expect? Well, navigation menus based on one’s skills may surprise you. Further, the age of users may play a vital role on how websites combine colors and fonts to ease readability.

3. Mobile weather apps.

In 2015, weather apps gained ground. Since then busy users turned to trendy, reliable weather apps to plan and set appointments. As climate change worsens, everyone becomes worried and watchful of the weather. Hence, many sites give tools or offer programs that answer the skyrocketing demand for mobile weather apps.

4. Dramatic typography.

As with graphic images, textual contents will always be a vital part of web designs. More than its use for readability and legibility, website owners add texts to add a sense of drama to online pages. Many designers today prefer bold typography because it’s a good strategy to create visual interest. At any rate, you may think of the text’s color, texture, size, width, and arrangement to come up with a dramatic typography. Likewise, you may tailor the way you place your texts based on these above factors to fit your target viewers. What’s important is that you can manage your branding through texts.

5. Bright colors.

Today, you often find websites with vibrant texts that become even brighter with dim backgrounds. This attracts online users much. Hence, when you design a site, use bright accent colors—either fluorescent or neon—to make your pages more striking. In particular, this technique works well to your edge because it lets you stress what you want site users to notice.

6. Video backgrounds.

Yes, clips are popular these days. Yet a video on the main content running on the page could draw greater interest among online users. You can create this technique when your site displays an auto-play clip and uses transition plugins. This effect, though, comes only with premium themes that can be a good investment if you want to meet your goals for the site.

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