Six Key Skills Employers Want in Animation Graduates

Creativity alone isn’t enough to help one land a job in the animation field. If you’re an animation graduate or student looking for a job in this industry, you should know which skills and qualities you should possess to attract job opportunities. 3D animation school, CIIT, enumerates the top skills and qualities that employers from all over the world look for when hiring animators.

1. Drawing skills

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This is the foundation of your craftsmanship, the life of the entire animation sector. However, you need not to produce jaw-dropping output to prove your talent in 3D animation. Your basic talent in 2D drawing may be insufficient to understand how to animate but learning the principles, styles, and techniques will teach you how animation exactly works. It’s a plus on your part since this gives you a good grasp of body movements and figures. Today many firms look for animators who are versatile in drawing different styles. Hence, you should not just exemplify your own style but should also adapt other artists’ approach for easy collaboration.

2. Design skills

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Animated objects cannot move viewers without a striking design. As an artist, you should be adept at using and combining colors to make your work realistic. Yes, your good understanding of our work’s composition aesthetics can help you do great angles for each scene and convincing poses for the animated characters.

3. Technical skills

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Your ability to operate and use tools, programs, and applications are your keys to flourish in the field. As regards animation, you must know the basics and specifics of one or more software like 3D Studio Max, Adobe Flash, and Mudbox, among others. If you want to gain an edge over other job applicants, you should take time to master any of these programs or update your skills by exploring the most modern animation tools.

4. Communication skills

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No, this doesn’t refer to verbal and written communication skills but to your ability in expressing your thoughts through your artwork. So how can you develop such skill? First, grow your intellectual and artistic curiosity. From there you’ll learn new things, widen your knowledge, and offer something new to viewers.

5. Collaborative spirit

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Companies benefit greatly when animators work together and share their opinions with their peers. Such atmosphere in the workplace leads to learning, which later causes enlightenment among team members. With teamwork, a group can also resolve conflict, something that firms seek for smooth workflow toward reaching a desirable work setting.

6. Keen attention to details

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Being observant is your ultimate key to making a piece that comes to life. To make your work realistic, you must be meticulous on the various aspects of animation such as colors and movements. For recruiters, hiring 3D animators who have keen attention to tiny details is a big advantage as they can help perfect the work.

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