Six Great Job Alternatives for Fine Arts Graduates

A college degree does not always dictate your career path because passion and learning seldom go together in the same route. With this, a career shift may soon be in the offing. While possible, finding a career other than what you already have may sometimes be tough. With the correct skills, fine artists and fine arts graduates can find work in fields where their course is not even related.

Other Job Options

If you, as a fine artist, became tired of your job or thought of other means to maximize your degree, never stop pursuing your dream. You can find countless job opportunities and choose the post that suits you best.

Following are careers that somehow relate to your college education.

  • School teacher – If you have good communication and mentoring skills, you can apply for a teaching career at a secondary school. Likewise, with fine arts as your teaching focus, you will be effective in sharing your knowledge with high school students.
  • Lecturer – With your artistic talent, you can hold and conduct seminars, tutorials, webinars, demonstrations, or symposiums. You can even do freelance work. Incorporate multimedia technology in your lectures.
  • Animator – If you mastered visual arts and design, you know animation well. Thus, apply your knowledge in drawing storyboards and in creating models for clips, commercials, and other digital marketing tools.

Here are other ideal options you can consider that do not relate to your education but to which your degree may be handy.

  • Museum officer – Your passion for the arts and artworks can land you a career at a museum or gallery easily. While the work itself may not require you to produce art pieces, you may still find fulfillment through direct involvement in museum activities and curatorial roles.
  • Art therapist – You can also land a healthcare sector post. You may need training and a certificate, though, before you can accept the job. With art making, you can help improve your patients’ health.
  • Historic preservationist – If your love for arts leads you to a deep passion for or interest in history, design, culture, and their protection, then this position is right for you. In this field, you can show your concern for local buildings, landscapes, streets, and neighborhoods.

Are you studying fine arts but are thinking of applying for other unrelated jobs? Just improve the required job skills. Thus, with the best fine arts course in the Philippines, CIIT can help you to be a versatile fine artist by equipping you with proper knowledge.

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