Six Cool Business Ideas for Philippines’ Multimedia Arts Alumni

Are you a multimedia artist who’s tired of going to the workplace or doing freelance jobs? As a multimedia arts graduate, you can use your skills to form a profitable venture.

If you can’t win the tough race in the job market, you better set up your own firm. Think through these six business ideas that multimedia arts graduates can own and run.

1. Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin printing shops thrive as consumers use printing services for different reasons. With printers, ink, tarpaulin, and artful designs, you can produce quality banners for celebrations, events, and functions. You need to use your talent in making graphics and layouts to succeed in this venture. A Visual Arts and Design (VAD) course can help you become a successful tarpaulin printing shop owner.

2. T-Shirt Design/Printing

Statement and printed shirts are a hit in the Philippines. Hence, the demand for t-shirt design and/or printing service is no longer seasonal. With the needed materials, along with your talent, you can create customized shirt designs for countless events. These include outings, reunions, election campaigns, social drives, and other activities. Take the VAD course and specialize in design and illustration to hone your skills in print communication. This program includes the basics of printing methods as a subject.

3. Photo Booth

In spite of the popular use of smartphones and selfies, many still hire an expert photographer to take their pictures on special occasions. This makes the photo booth trade in demand. If you have superb talent in taking photos or want to improve your skills further, then attend photography classes where you can as well learn image manipulation. Pursue this venture and profit from your own skills, a high-quality DSLR and printer, and fun props.

4. Wedding Photography and Video Coverage

Do you have passion for photos and videos? Then this one is for you. With a quality DSLR (and right capture mode), plus good skills at finding perfect angles, you can venture out solo and befriend wedding planners to succeed in the business! Enroll first in a VAD class and focus on photography or video production and editing to be a clever business owner.

5. Personalized Gift Items

Make your skills work to your advantage. You can earn money from selling designed boxes, bookmarkers, stickers, collages, and portraits, among other gift items. Equip yourself as a shop owner by studying VAD, with focus on design and illustration.

6. Gift and Card Making

Your artistic mind can help people express their thoughts through cards. Think of a nice message for each occasion and write them on a card with a good layout that will draw buyers. This service is easy to start and needs no large capital and storefront. In the same way, you need to complete a VAD course and master design and illustration to help you form this business.

Which of these concepts match your passion and dream venture? Whatever it may be, studying multimedia arts can give you the best foundation for your future pursuits. The course will help you perfect the tasks involved in reaching the highest quality of product and service for clients.

Enroll now at CIIT, a top multimedia arts school in the Philippines. We offer diploma program in Visual Arts and Design to equip students in their chosen business or career. Likewise, we offer the multimedia arts specialist course in four modules. For more details on these programs, call CIIT at 411-1196.

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