Six Client Stories You Should Know after Multimedia Arts School

Curious what your everyday life would be as soon as you get out of a multimedia arts school? Read these true-to-life stories professional designers and artists experienced while dealing with clients at work.

1. Naivety killed the cat.

After finishing the design, I created PDF and PNG copies of it and sent them to my client. Labeled “PDF_Print” and “PNG_Email_Evite,” I explained to my client that the former is for printing and the latter is for email. Few minutes later, my client replied: “Great! I like how the PNG file appears. I’ll print it now, scan it, and email it!” — Anonymous (Reddit.com)

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2. Enjoy the moment while it last.

I run a web business in New Zealand. One day, while I was talking to a friendly client on the phone, an earthquake occurred.

Me: “I’m sorry. There’s an earthquake.
Client: “Oh! Where are you?
Me: “Wellington.”
Client: “I’m in [town further south].”

I didn’t respond since I’m not sure whether to stay on the phone or get under the desk for my safety.

When I’m about to cut the call, the client said, “Oh, I feel it now! Isn’t this exciting?” — Anonymous (Notalwaysright.com)

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3. Are you “free” today?

I had a client who pays me at an hourly rate. Usually, he will ask for a few changes in his website then we’ll go off my usual hourly rate and compute it. One day, he said, “Hey, are you free today?” I was, so I helped him on a couple things (nothing major). After that, I told him the number of hours I spent on the tasks. He seemed confused and said, “I thought you were free today?” — NEED_A_JACKET (Reddit.com)

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4. Yes, I am a freelancer!

After not receiving a response from my client on the two invoices I e-mailed him, I sent him another one and phoned him, too.

Client: Why are you calling me?
Me: You haven’t paid and I’ve sent three invoices already.
Client: Do you mean I have to pay you? I thought you were joking!
Me: How can you say that?
Client: You’re a freelancer!
Me: And?
Client: Well, you work for free! If you don’t, people should have called you paidlancer or something! — Anonymous (Webdesigndev.com)

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5. Who says I cannot do a screenshot?

One day after I sent the finished work (a flyer) to my client, he called and said it was horrible. The color, according to him, was not what he told me. He said, too, that the content was blurry after he printed it. He kept on ranting, blaming me for the failed work. I thought, “How was that possible? I sent him a CMYK version in 600dpi!”

Wanting to resend the file to the print shop myself, I asked him for the email address of the person who printed the flyer. But he said he doesn’t have the person’s email. Curious on how he was able to send the file without an email, I asked how the printer guy acquired a copy of the flyer. Then he replied saying he took a screenshot of the flyer on his phone, posted the picture on the printer guy’s Facebook page, and printed it from there. —NeokratosRed (Reddit.com)

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6. Naivety killed the cat… again.

My previous client told me to change her website’s “About Us” title into “About Us – Everyone Welcome.” When I asked her why, she answered, “I’m afraid people might think it’s private; that they are not allowed to click on that page. We need them to know they can go there.” I replied, “But none of the links on your website are private. Why are you concerned with that one?” Her answer? “Good point. You better add ‘Everyone Welcome’ to every link on the site then.” — Anonymous (Webdesigndev.com)

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