Sir Johnny Gabriel, Motion Graphics Professor

Meet Sir Johnny Gabriel, one of CIIT’s Motion Graphics Professors. Teaching wasn’t initially in Sir Johnny’s plan, but now he is a dedicated Motion Graphics Professor, and he is really loving it! What he finds most rewarding about teaching motion graphics in CIIT is witnessing students unleash their creativity. Students usually start a bit nervous but end up finishing the term, they produce outstanding work, making it exceptionally fulfilling for Sir Johnny.

It’s like he helps them unlock something they didn’t know they were good at.

CIIT’s Multimedia Arts program is unique because it empowers students to be creative and speak out about what they really want to communicate through art and design. And the most important thing for Sir Johnny is that the program prepares students to be industry-ready, and he finds it fulfilling to help the students by sharing his own experiences.

Sir Johnny is not your average guy— aside from being a teacher at CIIT, he’s been a freelance multimedia designer specializing in Motion Graphics and Video Editing for the past 7 years.

He has worked for different agencies, companies, and brands throughout the years – SMART Communications, Nike, Black Box Collab, Mead Johnson Nutrition, GUT TV, Vivo Philippines, Tier One Entertainment, Deloitte, and more.

At the age of 25, Sir Johnny achieved something amazing. Through his freelance gig as a designer, he was able to build his own house. But what makes it all even better is that he’s thankful for his family and partner who helped him achieve his dream house.

Outside of CIIT, Sir Johnny’s got a bunch of interests. He’s all about tech stuff, loves K-pop music, and plays games, especially Valorant. He’s a family guy who loves hanging out with his family and friends. But here’s the cool part: he’s also on the lookout for a personal project that can do some good. Sir Johnny’s not just about pixels and games; he wants to make a positive impact too.

And did you know that Sir Johnny also has an incredible talent aside from motion graphics and video editing? Sir Johnny used to compete in the World of Dance competition. He’s not just a master in animation but he’s got some serious dance moves too.

In the mix of teaching, freelancing, and personal vibes, Sir Johnny Gabriel creates a life that’s all about making a positive impact. Whether it’s inside CIIT or outside, his story shows that when you mix passion with purpose, amazing things can happen.

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