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To become an expert in media and visual arts, you need both technical knowledge and practical experience. At CIIT, our Media and Visual Arts strand can prepare you for a career in the media and creative industry. In this program, you can push the boundaries of your own artistry. There’s an undeniable value in diversity. Our students are encouraged to uniquely express themselves not only in their work but in the community we provide for them.

You will study seven to ten ( 7 – 10) subjects per semester. General academic subjects will be delivered via lecture while specialized subjects will be taught through a lab-based format. For the Media and Visual Arts Strand, you will study specialized subjects such as:

  • Introduction to Multimedia Arts
  • Art History
  • Drawing
  • Elements and Principles of Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Writing for New Media
  • Color Theory
  • Typography and Layout
  • Fundamentals of Film and Video Production

*All classes are taught through online instruction and recorded so that students may access them at their own convenience. Synchronous lecture classes do not exceed one (1) hour. Labs may go beyond one (1) hour as these classes focus on more practical lessons and thus, are more hands-on.

While instruction in the DepEd mandated academic subjects will be contextualized as specifically as possible for this strand, you will also be able to acquire the following specialized skills at the end of each year level:


In your first year, you will learn basic techniques and tools for drawing as well as how artworks are adapted into digital translations. An understanding of general elements and principles of design will be developed and will also be applied through photography. You will be able to develop solutions for design problems and produce effective layouts based on your analysis of an audience’s perceptual capabilities. The following technical skills will also be acquired such as:

  • Creating basic multimedia projects such as short films and online information campaign galleries using Adobe® Photoshop CC/InDesign software/Premiere
  • Setting up exhibitions
  • Using camera equipment and photo editing software
  • Creating photo projects and professional portfolios


Knowledge of art concepts will be further expanded in your second and final year. You will learn how color conveys messages and how to effectively use it. An appreciation for film, its process and history as well as the filmmaking process will be developed. Along with this, you will also acquire a nuanced comprehension of various media forms and its social implications. Instruction in the following practical skills will also be received:

  • Producing quality typography by using physical and digital tools
  • Publishing new media content online
  • Identifying opportunities for writing and publishing online content
  • Creating a music video or short film

To call yourself an expert in the field of arts and design requires both technical knowledge and practical experience. At CIIT, our Media and Visual Arts strand can serve as a stepping stone on your pathway to a career in the media and creative industry.

  • Digital Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Photographer
  • Production Designer

We take a broad approach in providing you with industry-standard education. With a unique and specialized curriculum, we aim to build your skill set. From graphic design to film production to digital photography, you have the opportunity to create art in so many forms.

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Digital Marketing
  • Film Production
  • Fine Arts
  • Game Design
  • Multimedia Arts
  • Photography
  • Web Design


 A 50% to 100% fee remission is offered to incoming Gr11 students with excellent JHS grades

Interested students should follow the admission procedures for applicants and pass the Admission Exam before proceeding with the Scholarship application, details can be found here  


As a CIIT SHS student, you have access to a range of companies that are major players in their specialized fields. Our work immersion program provides you practical experiences while also building your resume.
Hone your skills with relevant industry-standard cloud-based tools such as Adobe, Toon Boom, 3DS Max, Flash, Python Java, and Unity, whether you are in school or elsewhere.
CIIT’s skills-based curriculum, has subjects anchored on Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT) validated by our company partners. Develop real world skills that prepare you for the modern workspace.
Subjects are tailored to be strand-specific. Lessons are contextualized to give you perspective on how your specialization and general academic subjects equip you for your future career.
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