Web Design Then and Now: Which Site Gets the Best Makeover?

Are you planning to enroll in a web design course in college? To get you more thrilled, we listed today’s most famous web sites and have compared their present and past homepages. Get started and be inspired!

1. Google


With no HTML knowledge, Google’s founders designed its first homepage. Its design features a refreshed bar, a reshaped and flattened logo with a more or less different color palette, and a smaller range of links. Google aims to make the site more user-friendly and well-run on its many products and multiple devices.

2. Facebook


As said by Kate Knibbs, former staff writer of The Daily Dot, “The original website is (vaguely) recognizable as the service we use today, but it is far clunkier-looking. There’s no gloss, and there are strange aesthetic choices that belie a young rogue creator (why the parentheses?)”. On its current design, Facebook removed the binary code and Al Pacino’s face at the top, but kept its signature blue color scheme.

3. Youtube


This video-sharing site that brought various hits including “The Sneezing Baby Panda” launched an empty homepage and no evidence of videos! To attract more users, YouTube “fixed” its site, offering a cleaner and simpler page.

4. Yahoo


Yahoo, an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle,” launched a homepage design with a simple search bar and hyperlinks to other sites. Today, it displays a personalized news web site.

With the aim to be more native and special, its new site dwells more on your interests. Since streams of details have become the pattern of choice on the web, Yahoo! presented a news feed of endless scrolling, letting you experience an infinite supply of updates.

5. Amazon


The original site of Amazon has small icons and texts that inform as much as its current design. Likewise, it sees the updated page will make searching easier.

6. Twitter


The barely recognizable design on the left side was the first concept of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey back in July 2006. Twitter’s present homepage offers visitors a glimpse of what they will see if they have an account.

7. New York Times
new york times

New York Times’ site launching was in 1996. At first glance, the redesigned NYT site may appear the same as its current one, but a closer look displays a front page that shows new fonts. The page is rearranged in a way users route on the Times’ site, too.

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