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Seven Cool Halloween Jobs for Multimedia Arts Experts

Halloween is fast approaching. While many of us are planning how to spend the long break, artists are making the most of the season looking for creative jobs that can give them extra income. If you’re one of them, check out these cool, in-demand Halloween jobs that CIIT, one of the top multimedia arts course schools in the country, has listed. Read on.

1. Face Painter and Tattoo Artist

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and paint a picture of death marked with bloody gashes, scars, and deformities? If you can do face painting and tattooing, Halloween is the perfect time to practice your craft. Theme parks and other haunted attractions hire dozens of artists during the Halloween season to turn their workers into ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies, crazed mutants, and other hybrid freaks.

2. Halloween Costume Designer

Join hundreds of costume stores as they sell masks, wigs, hats, and accessories for kids, adults, and pets. Since millions of Halloween stuffs are in-demand every year, the industry constantly looks for designers who can create the best and scariest getups. Stand out from your peers, try out new designs, and innovate on old favorites (e.g., witches, monsters, princesses, etc.). The best part of being a Halloween costume designer is you can specialize in anything ─ from funny to horrific, children to adult, and cute to killer!

3. Haunted House Designer

Experience the creepy fun of Halloween and scare the daylights out of thrilled guests by transforming simple places into haunted ones. Since spooky houses are more than illusions, you can test your skills and make people wonder if they’ve just entered a real ghost town or a haunted village!

4. Halloween Props Designer

This job is another sideline business that’ll be a sure hit this Halloween. Every trick-or-treater needs Halloween baskets and bags, sacks, flashlights, decorations, and other novelties. You can test your creativity and come up with unique Halloween props and products you can sell to the masses.

5. Photographer

Are you great at taking spine-chilling portraits? Halloween might be the best time to spread out your photos. During this season, many companies crave stock photos of haunted houses, ghosts, carved pumpkins, fancy dresses, and costumes. Show them what you got and prepare a portfolio of your best snaps. You may take a shot of cobwebs, dust, sheets on furniture, broken tables, chairs, windows, lamps, cockroaches, spiders, gaps between floorboards, peeling wallpaper, and holes in the wall. Photos of ripped curtains, gloomy staircases, a chandelier with broken strings of crystals, smashed glasses on the floor, old portraits and paintings, shadows, rust, and mildew are perfect subjects you can try, too.

6. Marketing Materials Designer

Many companies benefit from the Halloween season by promoting and selling their products through ghostly brochures, postcards, posters, and websites. Jump into the trend and help these firms out! Further, you can create packaging and catalog designs for candies, costumes, and haunted house supplies.

7. Pumpkin Carver

Fill in the demand for pumpkin carvers by working as one. Slice and dice a pumpkin into a spooky jack-o’-lantern and greet trick-or-treaters across the country!

Multimedia art is more than just animation and web design. If you’re looking for extra income this Halloween season, these jobs might help you.

But if you think you’re not skillful enough to perform these jobs, grow your confidence by enrolling in one of the best multimedia arts course schools in the country, CIIT! Contact us or browse through our website to learn what program fits you.

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