K-12 Program: Preparing Senior High School Graduates for the Workplace

Congratulations on graduating from Senior High School (SHS)! You’re now a step closer to your dreams! And as expected of the new K-12 program, senior high school graduates like you can now apply for jobs right after receiving your SHS diploma. However, if you want to progress to higher education, you can also choose to pursue your chosen track and enroll in a college degree program. Not sure which path to take between the two? We’re here to help you! Here’s everything you need to know about the K-12 program and tips to help you plan your next step.

The K-12 Program

The Department of Education (DepEd) claims to produce job-ready SHS graduates under the K-12 program. The new curriculum prepares them to become skilled and job-market ready, which most firms are looking for. Basically, the K-12 program in the Philippines is aimed to shape the youth for employment, skills development, and higher education after graduating from SHS. 

Since the country’s shift from the old high school curriculum to the new K-12 program, confusion coming from both parents and high school students emerged.  Here is the breakdown of the differences between the old curriculum and the new K-12. 

Old High School Curriculum

  • 10 -year basic education curriculum
  • Most graduates are younger than 18 and are not legally ready to get a job or start a business yet
  • Kindergarten is optional and not a prerequisite to Grade 1 admission.
  • Broad curriculum, which lacks practical applications. 

New K-12 Curriculum

  • 12-year program which gives students enough time to master skills 
  • Most graduates are aged 18 and above and are already legal for employment
  • Kindergarten is mandatory for five-year-old children and is a requirement to be admitted to Grade 1.
  • Gives students the chance to choose among three tracks (Academic; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood; Sports; and Arts and Design)
  • Students must undergo immersion, exposing them to relevant experiences and skills needed in their chosen track 

Senior High School student holding a banner for the Senior High School graduates

What Senior High School Graduates Can Expect in College

Many SHS graduates who want to pursue their college degree may expect to become bombarded with loads of schoolwork. That is true, to an extent. Fortunately, the K-12 program has already prepared you for the challenges that you might encounter once you step up to college. In fact, the subjects you’ve taken in SHS are prerequisites to the degree you want to pursue. Meaning, you already have the basics down—the knowledge and skills for an easier transition to your chosen degree. In general, you may expect to deal with several readings, more (surprise) tests, and greater responsibilities when it comes to school. Of course, these are all needed to hone your potential even more. 

What Senior High School Graduates Can Expect in the Workplace

If you do, however, choose to become part of the workforce after getting your SHS diploma, you have a wide range of career options to choose from. These said, the BPO, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and machinery and equipment sectors are open to hiring K-12 graduates. According to Indeed.com’s job list, the most in demand careers for K-12 graduates are: 

  • Sales Associate
  • Financial Advisor
  • Teacher
  • Non-Voice Representative
  • Receptionist
  • Online English Teacher
  • Call Center Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Clerk

Further, the K-12 program provides emotional preparedness among students to take on the challenges of the professional workplace. With their visible practical work experience, values, and work ethics; they’re ready to take on any task and join the workforce. 

One of the Senior High School graduates holding books and wearing a backpack

CIIT’s Career Ladder Program: Your Key to a Smooth Transition to College

The ICT strand of CIIT’s senior high school program further leads students who took the Arts and Design or Tech Voc tracks to college courses they can pursue. It has made a smooth shift for senior high school students who likewise want to earn a degree. In the same way, its tracks equip learners with the skills needed by most industries.

As a senior high school graduate, is it best for you to face the challenges of joining the workforce? Or do you wish to continue your chosen track to college? Chances are you’re still confused on what to do. However, you need not rush your choices. Instead, focus on improving your skills and weighing whether you’ll take on the road ahead of you. Struggling over what to study in college? Visit CIIT’s list of programs to learn the perfect career for you.

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