What Career Awaits You as You Graduate from Senior High School

Senior High School

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As the country shifted from the old high school curriculum to K to 12, the changes have confused both parents and incoming high school students. Thus, everyone has to keep up with them and hope for better results. As we expect senior high school graduates to move up, the Department of Education claims, with full confidence, to produce a job-ready batch. Although the K12 mandate earned feedback, the first batch of Grade 12 students will graduate this coming March. Today, most firms are looking for rather skilled and job-market ready graduates to help them grow their business. In particular, the K12 program in the Philippines aims to shape the youth for college and prepare them for the job-market.

Therefore, as a soon-to-graduate senior high school student, you may think of your next step after graduation. Is it best for you to dare the challenges of joining the workforce? Or pursue the career you’ve always wanted.

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What Senior High School Graduates Can Expect in College

For many senior high school students who want to pursue college, career choices, however, remain vague. Others, somehow, crave to take on the challenges of joining the workforce. By chance, the senior high school curriculum prepares you for college. In fact, the subjects you’ve taken are prerequisites that equip you with skills to further your education. What you must do is rather to gauge the track you took and tailor it to the college course that best suits you.

In particular, the four tracks in the senior high school curriculum that lead to college training, job-market skills, recreation, and the creative field opened many prospects for you.

Academic Track

a. General Academic Strand (GAS)
b. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS)
c. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand (STEM)
d. Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand (ABM)

Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track

a. Agri-Fishery Arts Strand
b. Home Economics Strand
c. Industrial Arts Strand
d. Information and Communications Technology Strand (ICT)

Sports Track

Can lead you to:
a. Sports Science
b. Physical Therapy

Arts and Design Track

Can lead you to:
a. Performative Arts
b. Visual and Media Arts


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Are Senior High School Graduates Academically College-Ready?

Yes, the expected batches of senior high school graduates are ready to pursue their college careers. In addition, the academic track that prepares them for college injects vital knowledge, skills, and subjects to tailor their course. Hence, senior high school graduates develop an academically prepared mind and a routine that makes them college-ready.

Are Senior High School Graduates Emotionally Prepared to Join the Workforce?

Senior high school promotes emotional preparedness among students to take on the challenges of the workforce. Besides, as the Education Department claims, soon-to-graduate senior high school students are job-ready. With their practical work experience, values and work ethics are visible.

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CIIT’s Career Ladder Program: Key to a Smooth Transition to College

The ICT strand of CIIT’s senior high school program further leads students who took the Arts and Design or Tech Voc tracks to college courses they can pursue. It has made a smooth shift for senior high school students who likewise want to earn a degree. In the same way, its tracks equip learners with the skills needed by most industries.

Therefore, as the senior high school graduation draws closer, have you set yourself to taking on the challenges of finding work? Or have you already chosen a career in college? Chances are you’re still confused on what to do. However, you need not rush your choices. Focus rather on improving your skills and weighing whether you’ll take on the challenges ahead of you.

Are you struggling over what to study in college? Then, visit CIIT’s list of programs to learn the perfect career for you.


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