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What You Must Know about CIIT’s Senior High School Animation Track

Are you one of the clueless incoming senior high school students? Well, in choosing the right SHS strand, you must pick the right career that fits your persona. Certain factors affect how you choose a senior high school track for your k-12 education. Your interests, hobbies, and skills define the career path you must take whether it’s senior high school animation or not.

It might baffle you to choose a track in senior high school that will boost your creativity. Animation lovers like you have a handful of opportunities. Of the four tracks in senior high school, Arts and Design is the perfect path for you. Read this piece further to understand arts and design to pursue the senior high school animation track.

Why Pursue the Senior High School Animation Track

The arts and design track serves students that enjoy multimedia, performing, and other fields. As art evolves, it still grows along with technology and modern services. In fact, the senior high school animation track aims to shape the students’ skills in various art forms. Further, it integrates the skill to create graphical designs.

It’s tough to become an animator, yet you must know why you must take the senior high school animation track.

1. Animation career pays well.

An animation career pays well because many industries need it. An example of such a career is keeping web pages and websites. Likewise, you’ll find firms that hire animators for ads and web basics.

2. Animation supports a strong website design.

If you want to make awesome websites, animation is a great way to keep users clicking. Likewise, with the growing demand for responsive sites and parallax web features, it’s the latest staple in web design methods.

3. Animation design is an uncommon skill.

Many artists focus on image creation, but even among interactive designers animation can be a rare skill. Then again, it looks great on a resume and a striking add-on to your portfolio. Hence, artists who can bring artworks to life are in demand.

4. Animation design is a growing art form.

Art develops as technology grows. From simple graphics interchange formats or GIFs to high-level 3D animations featured in Pixar and DreamWorks films, this art form isn’t new. In addition, today’s art forms have become more accessible because of programs such as Adobe After Effects and Maya.

Qualities of An Animator

It’s hard to become an animator because it calls for one’s technical skills. Thus, if you’re planning to pursue this career, find out first if you got what it takes to succeed in it. Below is an infographic of the traits you must learn or develop if you want to join this industry.

Senior high school animator qualities

What’s in CIIT’s Specialized Senior High School Animation Track?

CIIT’s senior high school animation track will acquaint you with the basics of design. It will rather enrich your creative and technical skills to get you ready for a higher level of study and a fruitful career.

The arts and design track rather suits you if you find these fields, which are animation track inclusions, too, interesting.

  • Photography
  • Sketching
  • Drawing and Design
  • Painting
  • Web Design
  • Video Editing
  • 2D or 3D Animation
  • Online and Social Media Applications
  • Digital Platforms

By the time you graduate from Grade 12, CIIT will grant you a National Certificate Level 2 (NC II) that can boost your hiring chances once you apply for work. Listed below are a few positions you can hold once you learned how to become an animator.

  • Videographer
  • Dynamic/Animated Web Designer
  • Director
  • Post-Production Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • 3D Architectural Designer

CIIT grants an SHS diploma. Hence, if you continue on to college at CIIT, it will give you credits for the applicable subjects you’ve taken in high school.

Senior High School Animation Students Doing Computer School Work

As the demand for more animators rises, the number of animation schools where learners can study grows, too. So, why not check the pros and cons to help you tell whether you should study in a school such as CIIT or not.


  1. Employers value credentials given by campus-based schools and colleges than the certificates awarded by online institutions.
  2. The school opens doors to meeting people in the field and building networks that can help you throughout your career.
  3. A college course in this school will rather let you explore the many facets of animation and lead you to what you can do best.
  4. If teaching is among your plans, special colleges such as CIIT can offer you not just a degree but extensive job experience and strong affiliations, too.


  1. Private schools can cost much although you may reduce the fees by using the DepEd’s Voucher Program.
  2. Senior high school programs have limited strands.

The road to a successful animation career can be tough. Yet, studying in a K-12 ready school, such as CIIT, can lift you and give you an edge over your peers. Therefore, do a self-assessment to weigh your interests and avoid making the wrong career move. If you’re interested, visit CIIT College of Arts and Technology and learn our about its senior high school animation track.

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