Discussing 6 of the most common senior high school animation problems brings light to understanding SHS arts and animation students better.

6 Problems Senior High School Animation Students Encounter

Challenges are an inevitable part of learning, right? Senior high school students, especially those taking up animation track, know this very well. However, if you are facing problems right now, it’s best to turn these challenges into growth opportunities. You should learn to surpass these trials to become a better artist, a better student. Now, let us help you prepare and advance in your future career through our list of the most common senior high school animation problems students and other Filipino animators face today.

What are some common senior high school animation problems?

One way to learn about the common problems of senior high school students in the Philippines is to talk about it. So, let’s zero in on the experiences of SHS animation students these days.

Aside from the main problems facing senior high schools, we also have to look at the encounters of SHS students taking up animation course. Why? Because they face a unique and more specific set of challenges. Thus, we need to discuss them separately. That said, here are some senior high school problems that animation students can relate to:

1. Tight Budget

One of the most common senior high school animation problems is having a tight budget.

There are schools who require students to start with traditional art before going into digital art. So, animation students need to buy a lot of various art materials to meet the course requirements. They also need to save up for the gadgets they will use for their projects. Further, not all students have access to all the technology, software, and apps they need to create art. Thus, others spend hours and hours in internet cafes just to finish their tasks through free online platforms.

2. Misconceptions About Arts and Animation Students

Another senior high school animation problems are the recurring misconceptions about art and animation students.

“There’s no money in arts.” This is a common misconception of some people when we talk about choosing art-related fields and careers. Animation students are expected to do so much, yet discouraged to enter the vast world of animation since many people see that careers in this field don’t pay well.

3. Overwhelming Schedule

Having an overwhelming schedule is also a common challenge.

As mentioned by Geri The Cleaner in Toy Story 2: “You can’t rush art.” So, it’s obvious for animation students to have an overwhelming schedule. This may be a problem for those who can’t seem to manage their time well. Further, this may result in poor sleeping habits. Besides, it’s not like they only have one subject in their 2 years in senior high school. Juggling various school projects alongside their personal errands is surely a tough task.

4. Loss of Interest

Art and animation students also experience loss of interest.

At times, animation students lose interest and inspiration to create art. While this is understandable, this may hinder their productivity and even at the cost of their own academic performance. While the mere art creation and conceptualization may be interesting, not all topics and projects spark creativity in all animation students.

5. Lack of Skills

Lack of skills is also one of the most common senior high school animation problems.

Not all animation students are adept in traditional art nor in digital art. But why do they enroll in this course? Aside from art being their passion, another reason why they take up an animation course is to hone their skills. However, lack of these skills may hinder students to advance in their academics. It may cause them to lose confidence and interest in their chosen field. Hence, affecting their school performance and dedication in what they do.

6. Creative Block

At times, SHS animation students face creative block.

Apart from losing interest in creating art, one can’t escape creative block—the inability to access one’s own creativity. Even if animation students feel inspired to create, they still struggle with not being able to express their bottled creativity. Familiar? This happens as a result of different feelings and situations an animation student has.

Tips for a Better Senior High School Animation Student Experience

Now: How do you overcome academic problems? To guide you, review these tips to improve your SHS experience.

  • Look for free online courses to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skills in animation.
  • Practice, practice, and practice.
  • Find time to balance school and play.
  • Manage your time well.
  • Seek the right people who can help you become a better artist and student.

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