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Search for the Best Multimedia Art School in the Philippines

So you’re a senior high school and the most creative in class. You don’t feel like joining your friends who are pursuing boring and typical courses. You want a place where you could be creative and rich at the same time. Right? Way to go.

Then you thought of multimedia arts, but you have no idea where to study.

No doubt you badly want some clue on where to enroll. So here it is. If you’re pursuing multimedia arts as a career, here’s the cheat sheet on how to find the best school for you:

A Culture that Fosters Creativity

Creativity can be killed with a boring school, wouldn’t you agree?

So better find a place where your natural curiosity is being sparked instead of being thumped down. Freedom and creativity goes hand-in-hand. A good multimedia school will support your creative pursuits and is more likely to make technical things interesting, or at least easier to digest.

Rather than asking you to define Photoshop, enumerate its uses and draw the icon of a lasso tool, a good school will teach you real design concepts that you could use in the future.

Skills that Answer Real Industry Demands

Ever wonder why there’s such a big oversupply of college graduates yet many top-grade companies are still looking for talents? It’s because mediocre colleges don’t give the level of experience that students need to apply for a real job.

If you are serious about being a multimedia artist, find a college that will give hands-on projects more frequently than they discuss theories. Why so? Because you can only learn design by doing it and because prospects and clients only come to people with a good portfolio. And speaking of that…

Door to Multiple Opportunities

You need to build a portfolio of your own work, and you need to get good grades. So which one should be prioritized? Let’s admit it: a student’s time is very limited to juggle between academics and creating an actual portfolio,but neither must be given up in case of aspiring multimedia artists. This could put you into a dilemma.

Now here’s the solution: Why not look for a school that will allow you to create the designs, participate in conventions, and support you on contests as part of the learning process? A great multimedia school knows that there’s no point in discouraging you to do other projects aside from the usual academics.

World-Class Education

Last but not the least, you need to consider whether the school could uphold the quality of teaching needed to make you grasp concepts better. If you’re planning to be a digital artist, chances are, you’ll be shipped with work from outside the country through the Internet. So better get ready to be a multimedia artist in a global scale.

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