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Schools of Art in the Philippines: Where Teachers Are Experts

Teachers have long been praised for holding such a noble profession. Filipino educators have also been getting a lot of accolades for their unmatched dedication and the quality of teaching they offer with their pupils. In CIIT, a Philippine arts school, talented teachers also ensure quality teaching.

At present, educational institutions that specialize and offer art-related courses and degree programs are a hit among Filipino students. As expected, professors and instructors are good at their chosen fields of expertise to help creative young individuals hone their artistic craftsmanship and be globally competitive in this modern world.

CIIT, a Philippine arts school, encourages everyone to further enhance creativity and artistry. It believes that these two aspects must go with technology to produce the best possible “inventive” output. As an educational institution, it boasts about its teachers who are all experts and professionals— one of the many reasons and factors why the school continues to edge out competitors.

Get To Know Them

CIIT is committed to “provide industry-ready professionals by providing affordable, up-to-date, and industry-relevant curriculum, supplying the latest tools and technologies, and fostering an environment of collaborative learning.” Through the excellence of its faculty, the school helps motivate and influence each learner’s interest, passion, and capability.

It is with great pride that the institution introduces few of its talented faculty members. Here are they:

Stanley Coloma

Known for being a multi-disciplinary digital artist, Stanley (or Stan) is a person who is very passionate about information technology and almost all of its disciplines.His over 12 years of experience in digital arts has led him to work on projects in different platforms, such as the Internet, print, post production, and motion graphics. His inclination, passion, experience, and excellence make him versatile in various fields of specialization, including but not limited to:

–      Multimedia
–      Photography
–      Visual Arts
–      Motion Graphics
–      Animation
–      Web Development and Design
–      Identity and Branding Design
–      Print and Illustration
–      3D
–      Interactive Design

Apart from being a CIIT teacher, Stan also holds the following professional titles: digital artist, design consultant, animator, web mentor, director, technology “evangelist,” multimedia specialist and trainer, visual artist, photographer, and a lot more. He has served and trained a broad range of professionals from reputable companies in different industries.

Ferddie Castellano

Ferddie has yet another inspiring story for young artists. He has proven his expertise in the fields of multimedia, graphic design, business development, project management, and writing. His innate talents have given him numerous recognitions and worthwhile occupations.

Ferddie’s portfolios have helped him establish his reputation as a top-caliber IT professional.

Develop Your Artistry

CIIT, a leading Philippine arts school, currently offers bachelor’s degrees (Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and B.S. in Computer Science), diploma programs, and specialist courses.It specializes in digital graphics design, 3D visualization, video and motion graphics, software engineering, network design, game development, multimedia art, 3D animation, and web design.

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