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Schools of Art in the Philippines: A Modern Multimedia Twist

It’s not just about being good at drawing.

For decades, schools of art in the Philippines have been too focused on manual creation, thus people often mistake creativity withdexterity. Then the digital age came and multimedia arts was born. All artistic individuals are now able to produce vivid, accurate visuals they could imagine, with only a few knowledge on how to use a suited software.

So, are you destined to be a multimedia artist? Read on.

Seeing Beyond the Pixels

Venturing into the world of graphic design does not only require an understanding of art; it also requires some discipline on computers. And unfortunately, not everybody likes to deal with computers and illustrators and other digital what have you. That is, despite the industry’s pressing need for more multimedia artists.

Yes, there is art in pixels. A unique masterpiece can be done in the tapping of the keyboard and the clicking of a mouse. However, it doesn’t mean that the modern computerized art is easier to create than the manually produced art. The skills you need to create an eye-popping infographic are just too different from the skills you need to create a magnificent Picasso.

It’s Not Fine Arts

“A Fine Arts degree is a ticket to the lottery. Doesn’t a diploma in Multimedia Arts offer the same slim chance of earning decently?”

Let’s get it straight: multimedia arts is a very different animal from fine arts. Imagine just how much percentage of people visit the museum and travel to see galleries—that’s how thin the fine arts market is. Now think of how many people see commercials, surf the Internet, stare at ads, and watch animations— that’s the gigantic industry needing multimedia artists.

A spark of creativity combined with computer prowess, that is, a career to create art that the masses can understand.

Blurring the Lines between Work and Play

So you want a career that is not just another job. You want an artistic outlet that has a large market needing it. Given that you won’t mind spending hours in front of a monitor, you just hit the jackpot with the multimedia arts and design.

By choosing to learn graphic design among all schools of art in the Philippines, you have the opportunity to save eight hours a day grinding on a boring job, in order to spend your nights and weekends to make art.It’s choosing a world where work and play are just concepts that other people apply on their lives. It’s loving what you do instead of just calling it a job.It’s getting the license to wow the world without starving yourself.

Want to give multimedia arts a shot? Here’s your invitation: ciit-ph.com

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