best money apps for senior high school students

Best Money Apps of 2019: High School Edition

Saving money can be tough for students like you. It might not be obvious but saving money is the best thing you can do while you’re young. Savings will greatly help you in sudden events that need money. One common example is unexpected field trip for your major subject. Last 2018, money-saving challenge called “Peso Sense Challenge,” pioneered by The Philippine Financial Freedom Campaign took over the internet. This urged people—mostly students and teenagers—to start saving. It presents an easy way to save money by using a template. You just have to shade the amount you’re going to keep. Easy, right? Imagine, you could do all these using money apps!

Smartphone is a must-have these days. Using it to track and budget our money is easier than manual money-saving ways. So, CIIT Philippines compiled a list of helpful money-saving apps to aid you.

Money Apps that Help Track and Budget Money

Money Lover: Money Manager, Budget Expense Tracker (Android, iOS)
Best money apps: Money Lover: Money Manager, Budget Expense Tracker for Android and iOS users

Avoid spending money on unwanted expenses with Money Lover! This app makes it easier to manage your personal finances—anytime, anywhere. You can plan and budget your money as you like. This app also handles credit card transactions. It updates your card balance and notifies you of your bills. You can set up your PIN code to keep your data secured.

Money Manager Expense & Budget (Android, iOS)
Best money apps: Money Manager Expense & Budget for Android and iOS users

This app is light and easy to use. It lets you view your expenses in a graph so you can easily compare where you spend more. You can also connect this budgeting app with your debit account. Now, you can track and manage your debit card transactions without having to go to the bank. Moreover, this app has a calendar where all your expenses are recorded. Truly, this money app is perfect for students who value saving money.

ClevMoney (Android, iOS)
Best money apps: Clevmoney for Android and iOS users

If you like simple yet useful things, this one’s for you.
Introducing a minimalistic design and simple interface, ClevMoney lets you manage your budget in a simple yet detailed way. It allows you to display neat-looking widgets so you won’t forget the things you need to do. In addition, this money-saving app lets you connect multiple bank accounts for faster checking of your savings.

Monefy – Money Manager (Android, iOS)
Best money apps: Monefy: Money Manager for Android and iOS users

Of all money apps, this one is the most suitable for students. It has a pleasing user interface that’s easy to use! You can easily synchronize your expenses across multiple devices—just log in to your account. This app’s handy widgets make it easier to keep track of your expenses. It also has a feature wherein your expenses are labeled in a graph.

1Money – Expense Tracker, Money Manager, Budget (Android, iOS)
Best money apps: 1Money: Expense Tracker, Money Manager, Budget for Android and iOS users

Keep an eye on your expenses using this brilliant app. With 1Money, you can easily sort your expenses in a few simple taps. This app offers an affordable pro version that you can find at the app store. In fact, this app is highly rated at Google Play & App Store. This app offers a more detailed approach to day-to-day money saving. In addition, it automatically updates exchange rates to keep your budget updated.

These money apps are helpful in keeping track of your expenses so you won’t have to count your budget repeatedly. Just one click and you’re ready to go! These money apps offer password protection and sync multiple devices. So, choose one and start budgeting!

Don’t know how to save money? CIIT, top multimedia arts school, lists the best saving tips for you.

Budgeting Tips for Students

Buy your needs over wants.  This is a common problem for high school students—especially for grade 9 and grade 10. Having lots of things to buy and trends to keep up with, students tend to spend than save money. Learn the art of prioritizing. Before you buy, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Impulse buying won’t help you save!

Set realistic financial goals. Why do you want to save, anyway? You have goals, right? They serve as a purpose why you’re saving money. Think like this: I want to save 100 pesos per day for 1 whole year so I can buy a laptop. Isn’t it beautiful to have a specific goal?

Opt for cheaper choices. You can always opt for a low-key brand instead of a brand you cannot afford. This is also a problem with today’s generation—we spend more on imported branded products when we can go local. Always remember tip #1—prioritize what you need first.

Make your own coffee/bring your own drink. Yes, your normal go-to branded coffee drink can de-stress you but it won’t help you save. Try making your own coffee for a change. Remember your goals!

Open a savings account. Keeping your savings in your wallet can trigger impulse buying. Putting your money in a savings account will stop you from buying things you don’t actually need. So, what are you waiting for?

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