Reimagining the Future: Multimedia Arts in the Philippines

Art has evolved through the years. Apart from the traditional way of creating stunning pieces, time and technology have made it possible for people to be innovative in utilizing new disciplines of media in order to come up with a completely different form of art. Multimedia arts boasts its power by making us feel and see the influence that it brings. From our daily commute to our everyday browsing on our social media accounts, we are able to see the various effects of digital content creation—the flashy billboards, the 3D games, and the newest photo filter you’ve been loving, all these are thanks to multimedia artists from across the globe. 

Preserving art that has been made via the conventional way has always been tough as there are a lot of factors that contribute to the disintegration of a physically present artwork but with digital media, art can be made, consumed, and maintained perpetually. Each day that passes, a new technique that is related to digital content creation is being formed and learned so this only means that multimedia arts can be as powerful as we want it to be. 

15 years ago, smartphones weren’t even a thing; today, we can’t stop talking about the latest mobile phone that flaunts a quad-camera feature on its back. It’s amazing how technology changes our daily lives so even though we’re not fully aware, each one of us is consuming media arts on a daily basis. In fact, the tech-savvy ones who are in the industry are thriving because of the demand for skills in the field. 

With the popularity that multimedia arts has today, what could be its future? We at CIIT highlight the value of innovative content-making thus, the existence of our multimedia-related courses. Digital media isn’t a fad nor a phase, it is something that will be here with us for the many decades to come. 

Curious to know what the country is going to look like due to the continuous evolution of arts and technology? Here’s the future of multimedia arts in the Philippines, reimagined:

Digital Nomads, and Lots of Them!

You can become a digital nomad with the Future of Multimedia Arts

A lot of people dream of traveling to places. Today, it’s almost hard to imagine how one can enjoy leisure without having to compromise work. Though in the near future, work and play can come together more easily; the lifestyle of a digital nomad is proof of this. Not familiar with the modern nomadic living? Picture this: a multimedia artist earning big but minus the stressful environment is somewhere out there exploring places. Yes, even today, this is already a thing. Many multimedia artists are able to work remotely while earning. 

Since the industry almost only depends on technology and skills, many creative professionals have been living the nomadic life! Just a few years from now, more and more digital nomads will exist as the demand for this kind of work is nothing but booming and it looks like the future of multimedia arts can be correlated to the growing number of digital nomads in the country. 


Future of Multimedia Arts creates wireless everything

Breakthroughs after breakthroughs—this is the cycle of the world after science, arts, and technology have come together and been introduced to us. Multimedia arts play a huge role in making everything that we have today possible. The digital industry consists mostly of the various art forms made known by multimedia artists. What we thought was impossible, is now making waves on many platforms, both online and offline. From smart TVs to smartphones and even smart kitchen appliances, everything is now leveled up for everyone’s convenience. In the foreseeable future, even the craziest idea can come to life. Eventually, almost all of the things around us will be optimized as a “smart” tool that we can utilize in our day-to-day routine whether we like it or not. 

Limitless Career Opportunities

You will have limitless career choices with the Future of Multimedia Arts

A career in the field of multimedia is a career worth taking. Multimedia artists in the Philippines are able to take on various job opportunities, both local and foreign, because of the skills that they are able to gain during the learning phase of the course. CIIT is known to produce top-performing multimedia artists in the country; the courses that we offer cater to different students with different skill sets and interests. Because companies are inclined on hiring professionals that are multifaceted, we made sure to craft courses that are diverse in nature but focused on every core. 

Functionality Rather Than Entertainment

Function is the Future of Multimedia Arts instead of entertainment

Although the digital entertainment industry has had so many achievements and provided so many opportunities for media and tech creatives, multimedia arts isn’t all about creating content for leisure purposes. Looking at the larger picture, media arts has contributed a lot to making the world a more purposeful place to live in: Web Developers were able to pave the way for the success of the eCommerce industry, keeping businesses afloat even after the pandemic hit; Multimedia Designers, Animators, and other creative artists are now able to produce and project meaningful content to a wider scope of audience, even those in the most remote of places; and tech professionals are able to secure important data through complex systems. 

The future of multimedia arts isn’t going anywhere but up. In this digital age, the only thing that can stop the media industry from ballooning is when the number of multimedia artists declines. But given the skills of artists in the Philippines alone, the projection of the field’s success is very clear. 
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