5 Reasons to Take Up BS Architecture

5 Reasons to Take Up BS Architecture

Why should you take up BS architecture?

  1. Creative expression
  2. Professional accomplishment
  3. Holistic expertise
  4. Global opportunities
  5. Continuous learning and adaptation


  • A Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Philippines serves as your gateway to both local and international acclaim, empowering you to build a future where your designs stand as landmarks of innovation and symbols of cultural identity.
  • Immerse yourself in a field that marries the artistic and technical, offering a world where creative expression, interdisciplinary skills, and sustainable development pave the way for influential architectural works.
  • CIIT’s program prepares you for lifelong growth, blending learning with hands-on experience for a bright future in architecture.

According to the United Architects of the Philippines, Filipino architects are becoming a growing force overseas with around 42,000 members working in the country and across the globe. As the Philippines rises in the global architectural arena, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture within this archipelago becomes an entry point to a world of possibilities.

If you’ve been wanting to dabble in designing the future skyline of the country or houses for your friends & family to live in, then this might be the course for your college admissions. It will spark that passion into something greater.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different reasons to take up BS Architecture in the Philippines where your education scales new heights.

Creative Expression

Choosing BS Architecture is not just a study path; it’s an embrace of creative passion. This field invites individuals with an innate love for design, a zeal to shape spaces, and a desire to turn imaginative visions into tangible structures. Architecture transforms creativity into blueprints, merging aesthetics with functionality.

If you find joy and fascination in this kind of work, then BS Architecture could be your ideal college path. Pursuing it out of genuine interest and passion can bring a deeper sense of fulfillment, especially as you work towards obtaining your professional license. Watching your creations take form in the years to come adds a special touch to your architectural journey.

Professional Accomplishment

Professional Accomplishment

Choosing a BS in Architecture isn’t just about earning a degree; it’s a step toward personal and professional growth. This course offers a platform for students to develop into skilled architects, providing the knowledge and hands-on experiences needed for success in the field. You follow in the footsteps of illustrious Filipino architects like Leandro Locsin and Francisco Mañosa, whose creativity and technical skill left an indelible mark on the nation’s landscape.

Through overcoming design challenges and mastering the intricacies of architecture, students graduate not only with a degree but also with the confidence and skills necessary for a fulfilling career.

Holistic Expertise

BS Architecture isn’t just about designing buildings; it’s a journey into a mix of skills. This program gives you a bit of everything, from technical aspects like designing and lighting to soft skills like collaboration and presentation. It’s a well-rounded education that sets you up to tackle the tricky parts of being an architect.

One of its important aspects is learning how to hone communication skills to convey design ideas, collaborate effectively, and present to clients. Time management becomes second nature due to project deadlines. You can also expect your problem-solving skills to evolve as you find creative solutions to design challenges. These soft skills, integral to architecture, enhance professional success beyond technical expertise.

Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

This course opens doors to global opportunities. Architectural principles are universal, allowing professionals to work internationally. Exposure to diverse cultures and design philosophies enriches your perspective. This fosters adaptability and broadens your creative palette.

Collaborating on global projects not only expands your network but also exposes you to varied architectural styles, techniques, and challenges. This global perspective makes this profession a passport to a world of architectural possibilities, transcending geographical boundaries and offering a career that’s not confined to a specific region.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

If you have the constant urge to develop and improve your skillset, then this course might be something to consider. Along with your design talents, you also commit yourself to continuous learning. The field evolves with technological advancements, sustainability trends, and design innovations. This constant evolution demands architects to stay abreast.

Adapting to new materials, construction methods, and environmental standards ensures architects remain relevant. This adaptability becomes a professional asset, allowing architects to embrace change, integrate emerging technologies, and deliver designs that align with contemporary demands.

Key Takeaway

As Filipino architects gain global prominence, the reasons to take up BS Architecture become ever more valuable, equipping you with the vision to design impactful spaces and the versatility to thrive in a fast-evolving discipline.

If this is a course that interests you, consider us here at CIIT. We will soon be offering a BS Architecture course for many young Filipinos. Contact us here today, or see our college admissions process to get started!

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