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Pokémon Go: The Latest Mobile Game Craze to Learn and Enjoy

Do you want to join the “Pokémon Go” craze and/or be a game developer? Here’s a playing guide from CIIT Philippines, the best school that offers mobile game development course.

Getting Started

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game where you can find, capture, trade, battle, and train virtual creatures in the real world. To play it, you must have an Android or iOS device with GPS and Internet access (Wi-Fi or mobile data). Android devices must have version 4.3 or higher while iOS must have an iPhone 5 or better.

The first step is so simple: go to Google Play Store for Android users or iTunes App Store for iOS users, download Pokémon Go, and launch the app. After you enter your birthdate, you’ll choose between two ways to sign up: through your Google account or by way of the game’s own Pokémon Trainer Club system. Then name and customize your avatar with a variety of cosmetic options (e.g., gender, face, hair, eye color, shirt, pants, shoes, hat, and backpack). Once you’re done with your avatar, choose your starter Pokémon. Pick between the classics, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Learning the Jargons

Pokémon Go has a few terms that sound as a second language to others. Before you continue, learn these jargons first:

Badge – medal players receive in completing an achievement.
Berry – item players use to capture a wild Pokémon.
Candy item players use to evolve and increase the combat power (CP) and hit points (HP) of pocket monsters.
Combat Power – number that shows the strength of a Pokémon.
Egg – item that rewards a player with a new Pokémon when hatched.
Evolution – phase when a Pokémon transforms into its more powerful kind.
Experience Points (XP) – what players earn in doing various actions such as capturing Pokémon, winning gym battles, and visiting PokéStops.
Gym – place where players can train and battle a Pokémon.
Hit Points – value that shows the damage a Pokémon can take in battle before an opponent can defeat it.
Incense – item players use to attract more Pokémon to a location in a specific time.
Lures – special PokéStops that Pokémon flock to for a limited time.
Pokéball – item players use to capture and store Pokémon.
Pokécoin – money players use to buy items and make permanent upgrades.
Pokédex – digital encyclopedia of every Pokémon players can capture in the game.
Pokémart – place where players can buy special items.
Pokéstop – location where players can get free items.

Exploring the World

Now you already know the basic terms, it’s time you take a real step into the game as a Pokémon trainer.

If a wild Pokémon is nearby, it will show up on your screen. Keep walking towards it and capture it. Each wild Pokémon has a colored ring around it. The ring shows the difficulty level of catching a Pokémon Go creature.

Red = Difficult capture
Orange = Medium capture
Green = Easy capture

Pokéstops are the blue towers you’ll find in key places in your city. Once you get within the interactive range to these sites, touch them and flip the icon over to get freebies. These can include Pokéballs, eggs, potions, and more.

Poké Gyms and Teams
Gyms are the fancy red-shaded places you’ll find in special landmarks within your city. Here is where the fun happens! As you play, you must join a team upon reaching Level 5. Choose among the Red (Valor), Blue (Mystic), and Yellow (Instinct) teams. Once you’ve chosen a team, you should send one Pokémon into the gym to train it and battle against your teammates’ Pokémon. Defeat them to increase your gym’s prestige.

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