Plinko game

The peculiar game of chance known as Plinko is played with a ball that plinks down the vertical board populated with offset rows of pegs and is very popular on television shows in the 20th century. The board was represented by a pyramid.

To begin the game, choose the level of difficulty (8 to 16 lines), the amount you’re betting, and whether you want to bet manually or automatically.

Choose Auto or Manual mode. Auto Mode is similar to a slot machine. If you bet, and the ball falls into a Plinko hole at the beginning of the round, you will win immediately; otherwise, you may be awarded after rolling the ball again. Manual mode allows you to place bets on the ball’s position at every turn during the round.

If you choose to bet manually, click the button Play to start your round. When you’ve selected your options, press Play to begin the round. You will be asked if you want to start betting. Press Yes to do so, or No to cancel your bet. To stop betting, click the button Stop.

The balls fall in the order marked by the black columns. The columns are marked with a letter according to their positions. Find the order in which the ball falls in the column A-D, and then the position of the ball in the column, marked by the letters: A-D.

When the round is over, the winner will be the one that brought the ball into the pocket that pays the highest prize. If several balls fell into the same pocket, only one ball will be rewarded.

A Plinko Round (Automatic)

To play the game, you must press Play to start the round. Press Stop to end the round. The game is played automatically. The ball starts at the top of the pyramid, falling down to the bottom of the pyramid. On every turn you can decide to bet. This round will only be completed when there is no more money left on the balance. The game ends after the round is completed. There are 3 cases you should pay attention to:

If there is no money remaining and if the ball is still on its way down the board, press the Stop button to end the round.

If there is no money remaining and if the ball is already on the bottom of the board, press the Play button to start the round.

If there is money on the balance, press Stop to end the round. The ball will reach the bottom of the board and the round will be completed.

You can adjust your settings after the round begins.

Plinko Bookie

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