#PhotoshopFail: What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

Photo editing has become a trend in this digital age. In fact, it has become a habit among firms and agencies to perfect their shots using professional editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Sadly, not all are good at enhancing pictures—some of them even turn viewers’ regular boring day into a funny one.

CIIT compiles some of the most popular #PhotoshopFail photos online. Can you tell what makes these photos a disaster?

1. Picture 1

2.Picture 2

3. Picture 3

4.Picture 4

5.Picture 5

6.Picture 6

7.Picture 7

8.Picture 8

9.Picture 9

10.Picture 10

11.Picture 11

12.Picture 12


Mistakes Spotted!

Having a hard time spotting the boo-boos on the photos above? Compare your guesses with our answers below:

1.Mistake 1

Did you notice the way the editor inserted Adam Levine in this picture and modified the background? Apparently, he/she failed to complete Levine’s body and conceal the red carpet from where one of the photos originated.

2.Mistake 2

Is the model’s left arm missing or is simply hiding behind her back? It’s so hard to tell.

3.Mistake 3

Can you guess what body shape this model has? Whatever it is, it ruins the appearance of (or deforms) the model’s body parts.

4.Mistake 4

Why is her neck so long?

5.Mistake 5

Who do you think owns this “creepy” shadow at the back? Definitely, not Hunter Hayes!

6.Mistake 6

Did you spot the model’s weird body figure? The top half obviously doesn’t match the other half.

7.Mistake 7

Additional set of toes grows on this biker’s left foot! Yikes!

8.Mistake 8

Look! Katrina Halili has unusual fingers on her right hand.

9.Mistake 9

Like Katrina, the model’s fingers look strange, too!

10.Mistake 10

Is he holding hands with an invisible person?

11.Mistake 11

Sure, those muscles (biceps and triceps) aren’t his. Or are we just too judgmental?

12.Mistake 12

Looks familiar, right? A woman who’s missing her left arm seems to have been used as a template for apparels.

Note: CIIT does not intend to mock these photos, including its designers and business owners. Instead, it wants to share a lesson with aspiring graphic designers to excel in their craft, exercise caution, and improve their technical skills.

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