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Software Engineering School: Patching Up the Shortage

Billions of people across the world now use mobile devices. Most recent report from eMarketer puts total mobile phone users to 4.55 billion in 2014, a rise from 2013’s 4.33 billion. By 2017, it sees more users adopting smartphones due to the devices’ affordability and the constant innovation in 3G and 4G technologies.

Unfortunately, the mobile industry is running out of people to support the demand for better and greater software and mobile apps. The lack of experts prevents businesses to progress and move fast. Eventually, they will need more workers who are adept in HTML5, iOS, Android and other apps to move well with the competition.

Though the world has a great deal of mobile app developers, they are not enough to support the growing demand. They even turn down lucrative projects due to loaded schedule. This mirrors a growing trade and a boom in demand for apps creators. Today, businesses offer a high amount of compensation just to get an expert in developing mobile apps.

Grab the Chance

Do you know why people end up unsuccessful or fail to get a profitable career? It’s because they always chase a course that the world does not need.

We now live in world where a mobile phone is a necessity. This trend upsurges the need for more mobile app developers. As such, these jobs rule.

Mobile companies need software engineers to create codes and deal with modern needs. They can tailor codes to address the unique and changing requirements of mobile application.

The shortage is an opportunity for you to think and consider a software engineering course. The supply and demand theory can explain a hundred percent chance of getting a job here and abroad.

The Right Approach

Surely, having firm skills and knowledge in software engineering can make you a successful mobile app developer. But how can you become one?

There are different ways to do this. The most effective, however, is to find a software engineering school in the Philippines that can teach you the vital skills that you need. You must learn from an IT school that can provide you with an industry-relevant curriculum and experienced instructors.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology focuses on developing its students’ technical skills through hands-on learning. It provides the right education and competences required of every software developer.

Do you want to know more about CIIT? You may visit its web site at www.ciit-ph.com or send them an e-mail to info@ciit-ph.com.

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