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PH’s Best Graphics Design School: Defining Infographics

Information graphics or simply, infographics, is a fun and quick way to learn about a topic sans the need to read heavy texts. They are visual presentations of info that use the elements of design to display content.

More than anything, they compress and display details in a visually pleasing way so that people won’t miss an important message.

They convey complex data quickly and clearly, and help inform the public of vital information in the most attractive way possible.

Types of Infographics

Not all infographics are the same. In fact, people in the government, corporate sector, medical industry, and other fields use this medium for various reasons. Below are its five basic types:

  1. Cause and Effect
    This type explains causal bonds between various physical or conceptual stages. You may explain, for example, the causes of recession in the US and its effect on the global economy, in a visual form using symbols and pictures.
  2. Chronological
    This explains an event or process as it happened in time. Presenting info on a timeline enables readers to analyze the temporal link between various stages of a certain event or procedure.
  3. 3. Quantitative
    This type conveys statistics and helps abridge complex data to readers quickly and clearly. It can be in the form of charts, bars graphs, tables, and lists. Another example of this is a flow chart of an organization that explains the order and duties of each staff and position.
  4. Directional
    People can use this to navigate readers through complex info using numbers, symbols, icons, diagrams, graphs, tables, arrows, and bullets. You can see them in schools, traffic signs, scale maps, and highways.
  5.  Product
    You can see this type on notice boards at factories and offices. People usually use them to convey important messages to all staffs and visitors. Dieticians and cooking schools also use them to impart key procedures.
Why Are Infographics Important?
  • It makes data more appealing.
  • It shows valued ideas.
  • It grabs attention.
  • It is easier to understand.
  • It lessens boredom.
  • It awakens one’s interest.
  • It is accessible.
  • It is more convincing.
  • It is more notable.
  • It can easily relay info.

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