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Preparing for the New Normal with Online Learning Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has heralded the coming of a new normal. And to prepare and adapt to this change, CIIT would like to help and encourage our students to continue their education through our online learning program. We are driven by our belief that pursuing their studies and passion is the best way for these students to be responsible people and contributors to our country.

Thankfully, we have the privilege to provide online education at a time where other schools might not. It is a blessing that we choose to value and use responsibly instead of allowing it to go to waste. To help you grasp why we choose to make the most of this virtual learning environment, here are the perks of online learning.

The Advantages of Online Learning 

  • Convenience
    – 24/7 access from any online computer
    – Adapt to busy schedules
    – No commuting
  • Enhanced Learning
    – Better grasp and recall of course content as per research
    – More meaningful discussions
    – More focus on writing, tech, and life skills such as time management, independence, and self-discipline.
  • Equal Learning Opportunity
    – Student can take more time to think and reflect before communicating
    – Shy students tend to thrive online
  • Interaction
    – Better student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction and discussion
    – A more student-centered learning environment
    – Less passive listening and more active learning
    – A greater connection and synergy
  • Innovative Teaching
    – Student-centered methods
    – More variety and creativity of learning activities
    – Address unique learning styles
  • Improved Administration
    – More time to check student outputs
    – Able to document and record online transactions
    – Able to manage the students’ grades online
  • Savings
    – Able to accept more students
    – Better student satisfaction resulting in higher retention and fewer repeats
  • Maximize Physical Resources
    – Lesser demand on limited campus infrastructure
    – Decreased congestion on campus and parking lots
  • Outreach
    – Give students options
    – Reach new student markets
    – Appeal to current students thus increasing enrollments

Tips on How to Solve the Common Problems of Online Students 

Happy female student in an online learning setupDespite the perks, online learning still poses challenges for both students and teachers. Here are some tips on how to overcome these roadblocks.

1. Find an online study group.

An online study group can help you learn new study skills, fill in learning gaps, and break the boredom of studying alone. If you’re current online class still doesn’t have a study group, reach out and see if anyone is interested to join you. Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom are some of the great apps to help you create your virtual group.

2. Stay motivated to complete your homework.

Push yourself to finish all worksheets and homework by setting SMART goals for each class. Print a blank transcript and write in your classes and desired grade based upon your goals. Tape it where you can see it directly. You can also write uplifting quotes on post-it notes and place them on your study table or bathroom mirror.

3. Learn and master the topics easier.

Avoid procrastination and over learning using the Chunking and Pomodoro methods. Aside from the given perks, the first one also prevents straining your short-term memory by breaking down large concepts and tackling them one at a time. The latter method works by rewarding yourself with a 30-minute break after completing 4 sessions comprised of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break.

4. Monitor the time spent on every task.

Create a to-do list and prioritize the items on your list. Start working on the larger assignments first since you might need to complete several smaller tasks in order to finish. Also try to divide the work into daily tasks together with smaller, one-off assignments.

5. Take notes and study for online exams.

Absorbing all information during online lectures and videos can be quite overwhelming. Taking notes can solve this problem and help you study for online exams. Using Cornell notes, concept mapping, Venn diagrams, or bulleted notes are some of the ways to take effective notes.

6. Create (and adhere to) a new routine.

If your current routine is not working and making it hard for you to keep your focus, maybe it’s time to create a new one. Establish a new routine by scheduling study time, worksheet time, and time for yourself. Take note, however, that it will take time before you can fully adapt. Try meditating and other exercises to train your brain and attention span.

Online learning would likely stay as long as this pandemic is not over. Getting the needed resources for this setup may be tough; but for now, it is the safest way for both teachers and the students.

CIIT now accepts enrollees for college, senior high school, and specialist courses through our online enrollment page.

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