Distance Learning

The coming of a New Normal is inevitable that we should move ahead with high hopes, wings ready to fly, and courage to lift our spirit. CIIT would like to help and encourage our students to continue their education with the belief that pursuing their studies and passion is the best way to be responsible citizens and contributors to our nation. Our school is afforded the privilege to provide virtual education in a time where other schools might not. A blessing that we choose to value and utilize responsibly instead of squandering.

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Key Features of the CIIT Online Distance Learning


Shortened Term / Manageable Study Load

The school year will be divided into 4 quarters with a total of 9 weeks per term instead of the usual 14 weeks. Students will be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 4 subjects or 12 units. This manageable study load allows students to continue and focus on their studies while still allowing them to help with their responsibilities at home and have time with their families during the quarantine period


Adjusted Class Schedule

Classes are scheduled every Monday to Fridays from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Each subject will be limited to one-hour weekly schedules for live-streaming lectures with your Instructor. All live streaming lectures will be recorded and uploaded in Canvas (LMS) so you can watch or replay at your own time.

Length of streaming lectures are based on studies that conclude how attention and learning efficiency is best when kept within a shortened time frame.


Personal Coaching Sessions

Personalized learning and education will be made possible through CIIT’s Coaching Sessions. Students can set appointments with all their Instructors for an individual or small group coaching session where Instructors can give feedback and provide further enrichment or study material to students who have difficulty understanding important concepts or their project outputs.

Guidance and assistance on the mental and emotional conditions of our students will be an equally important focus of our well-trained Instructors.


Competence of Faculty in Online Teaching

Our Faculty are selected based on their skills in conducting and moderating online virtual classes. Faculty members have either had prior experience teaching online classes or have undergone online workshops and certificate programs allowing them to discover creative and effective ways of teaching their respective subjects in a purely online setting.

Instructors are also selected for their ability to empathize and serve as personal coaches to our students to help them navigate their academic load as well as their life challenges with hope and wisdom.


Personalized Learning

All subject materials, lectures, and presentations will be available for download and review in our LMS. Students may study at your own time and access these materials on your most preferred day.

Group of people sharing skills for career opportunities in entrepreneurship


Output-Based Grades

As always, CIIT’s Academic program focuses on the output of students, and this term will be no exception. Requirements have been improved to adapt to the limitations that students are experiencing under quarantine.


CIIT In Your Homes

CIIT will be delivering all our 170 high-spec PC units to all Students who are in need especially those enrolled in Lab Subjects. This brings the CIIT experience closer to the homes of our students.


Internet For All

All our students can enjoy internet connectivity by purchasing Home Prepaid Wifi Kits from CIIT. We have secured an initial 200 kits from Globe that are also partially subsidized by the CIIT Student Council making the devices even more affordable for students.


Discounted School Fees & Refund

The school has implemented a significant reduction in all school fees with the aim of making our education as accessible as possible for our students.

Savings incurred from the previous term when ECQ was implemented is also refunded to our students to help ease their financial burdens.


Cloud Technologies At Your Fingertips

CIIT has partnered with some of the best organizations in the world to bring quality education and technologies in the homes of each CIIT Student. All students are provided individual licenses accessible at home from your devices.

  • Google Suite – Your most important tool
  • Google Meet – Live streaming lectures
  • Canvas – Learning Management System
  • Google Calendar – Appointments for Coaching Sessions
  • Subject-related Softwares: Adobe CC, ToonBoom, Autodesk, etc
Group of people sharing skills for career opportunities in entrepreneurship

What to Expect from the CIIT College Online Classes?

How will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conducted using Canvas, the cloud based learning management system (LMS) CIIT subscribes to. All class activities such as lectures, instructional materials, assessments, submissions, discussions, grading and attendance among others will be done within the LMS. Each student will have their own Canvas account through which they and their parents can access all the content and information relevant and related to their classes and school activities.

Lecture Component

  • Students will be given virtual class schedules with each subject having 1-hour weekly schedules only
  • These 1-hour schedules will be composed of 30-60 mins live-streaming lectures to be conducted by your Instructor
  • Student attendance will be monitored but not required
  • All live streaming lectures will also be recorded and uploaded in Canvas (LMS) for students to watch or replay at their own time
  • The reduced duration for live-streaming lectures is based on the best practices shared by colleges and universities who have had extensive experience in conducting virtual classes. This may be supplemented with other pre-recorded videos by the Instructor.

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions

  • The core as well as the heart and soul of this term
  • Outside of the 1-hour weekly class schedule, students are strongly encouraged to schedule coaching sessions with their Instructors. These coaching sessions can be done one-on-one or together with your friends
  • The coaching sessions will allow a more personalized learning experience that is focused on addressing your individual concerns and anything else that you might want to learn
  • Your Instructors will also be helping you in navigating any life challenge that you are facing
  • Appointments will be made using a separate platform

Evaluation Component

  • CIIT and the rest of the schools in the Philippines have limited experience in conducting fully virtual classes on such a scale, therefore, we also need to learn together, both students and schools on how to improve the experience
  • Faculty Members will be regularly evaluated by students in both the live-streaming lectures as well as the coaching sessions
  • Immediate and regular feedback will allow the teachers to improve on a daily basis

Requirements to Attend CIIT Online Distance Learning

Self Management

A mindset that is open to learning in a virtual setting, maximizing the tools and resources available and adapting to the new normal is necessary. Students must be able to manage their school schedules and tasks with remote supervision of their teachers. They should be able to receive and give feedback using the online tools available.

Self Management

Stable broadband internet connection that is able to play live streaming videos during school hours, taking into consideration the simultaneous use of the internet by other family members.


A laptop or desktop computer which the student can use exclusively during school hours.
Below are the specs of the CIIT Lab Workstation for your reference:

Processor: Inter Core i5 – 7600 / AMD Ryzen 5 – 2600
Motherboard: ASUS EX-H110M-V / MSI A320M PRO-M2
RAM: 8192 DDR4-2400
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB / XPG SX6000 Lite 256GB M.2
OS: Windows 10
Monitor: 1920 x 1080
Drawing Tablet: Wacom or Huion

CIIT Lab desktop computers are available for loan for a monthly rental fee of P2,500 inclusive of insurance, exclusive of shipping

Parent Collaboration

Parents must be open to working with the school and being involved in managing their child’s performance. They should provide a home environment that is conducive to learning. The school will be communicating with parents regularly to keep them abreast on what is happening in the school and with their child. Parents should make time to go through the information provided and discuss them with their child as well.

Application and Enrollment

Are you an incoming college student interested to continue learning this coming school year while at the comfort of your own home? Enroll in CIIT to experience an online learning environment that provides personalized education. We offer programs in Multimedia Arts, Fine Arts, Computer Science and Game Development. Application is also easy with our online admissions process. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email us at info@ciit.edu.ph.

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