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Online Classes Productivity Hacks for the Coming Semester

Bye traditional face-to-face classes for now; say hello to online classes. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the government released precautionary methods that seek to ‘flatten the curve’ of increasing pandemic cases. One of these is the enforcement of blended learning among our public and private school systems. This setup combines virtual classes and occasional personal meetings to provide succinct support to online course materials.

Embracing this change in our current school system poses several pros and cons. On top of the list, online classes will allow students and teachers to stay indoors, saving them from the risk of catching the virus from outside agents. Meanwhile, others believe that this will only make the classes unproductive. Still, many feel skeptic about the success of this idea. But with cooperation and support from the government, we can turn the odds in our favor this school year.

How to Make Your Online Classes More Productive

Debunk the negative perceptions about virtual classes. Turn your semester into a productive one with these hacks that will surely boost your focus.

Organize your desk

Clean your workspace and remove clutters that can distract your focus. It’s also best to move your desk in well-lit areas to help keep your senses awake and pump the energy you’ll need for the rest of the day.

Start a journal

Since all modules and quizzes can be done through online learning platforms, it’s easy for you to procrastinate. Then you’ll realize you need to rush all tasks to meet the approaching deadlines. Avoid this vicious cycle with the help of a journal. List all your tasks and sort them by priority. This will help you plan your week ahead and escape any reasons for dawdling.

Turn on your go-to playlist

Working with music on can be a hit or miss depending on the playlist. Play various songs and experiment on genres that can help you improve your focus. Some of these include lo-fi chill beats and study music playlists you can listen to online—and download for free.

Take short breaks

Unplug and refresh your mind. Allot 15-minute breaks in between your classes to help your brain cells recover and prepare for the next module. Grab some snacks or take a short nap before moving back to your desk and completing the rest of the tasks.

Find a study buddy

Studying alone can be quite boring, especially if you’re missing your friends at school. Worry no more! There are many web and mobile apps that you can use for free to meet your study buddy virtually. You can even form study groups and discuss the lessons like you usually do.

Online Classes You Can Take During This Pandemic

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Make your home stay worthwhile. Here’s a list of online classes you can take!

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Are you an incoming freshman? Don’t let this pandemic stop you from having the best college days of your life. Find the best college program with CIIT Bachelor’s Degree courses. You can practice your artistry and inventiveness with their arts and technology courses designed to give you the widest range of options to choose from in careers to pursue after graduation.

Short Courses

Gain a new skill or two with CIIT Short Courses. These short programs are designed to teach you the basics of subjects related to arts, animation, web design, programming, and data science, among others. Aside from gaining a new skill, you’ll also receive a certificate upon completion of the modules.

Summer Workshops

Since kids have more time at home, parents can keep them productive with these virtual summer workshops. Start them young and let them learn game design, animation, and robotics. Explore more about arts and technology with this 3-hour workshop that will last for 8 sessions.

Sure enough, this school year won’t be the same as the previous years. However, we can still learn new things while staying indoors. Prepare for the coming semester and know how you can make your online classes more fun and productive. See our list of courses and online enrollment guide to and choose the best program for you. Contact us or check our Facebook page for live updates!

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