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Nine Qualities to Look for in a Web Design School

All web design schools teach the fundamentals. They guide students through the methods of creating effective web pages using HTML and CSS. Their web design courses help students understand the mechanical and artistic elements of modern web design.

Yet, beyond the basics, top web design schools in the Philippines have varied strategies in preparing students for their careers.

With this in mind, CIIT has listed the qualities you should consider in finding a top web design school. Read more.

1. Convenience

Do you want a college that’s near your home? Is the tuition fee within your means? Are you planning to study full-time or part-time? Consider these queries before you enroll in a web design school.

2. Focus

Most top web design schools in the Philippines will teach you general principles without concentration on a specific concept. The best school to choose is one that will allow you to gain more exposure on the major aspects of the course.

3. Academics

One element worth checking in choosing a web design school is the status of its learning curriculum. Girard, in his article, suggests you check if they combine theories explaining why they do certain web design stuff and what procedures they use in doing the real work. He said, too, web design areas, such as “CSS styling, HTML code, and responsive web design” are crucial if you’re planning to make websites as a professional. To him, though, “the reasoning behind many web design practices and decisions is important to a successful career” in the field. For him, teaching professionals in the field “become an essential part of the class.”

4. Accreditation

To earn a degree and make yourself significant in the workforce, enroll in a college that has certification. College Atlas defines accreditation as “a rigorous process that higher education institutions must undergo to certify that their curriculum meets regional and national standards”. You can check if a college or university has certification by getting in touch with public and private agencies in the country that accredit them.

5. Career placement and graduate success

Pick a web design college that produces successful graduates. All art schools advise that it must “offer you career placement services to help you find a job” once you have finished the course. A school with work opportunity listings, stable partnerships in the field, and effective career guides will help prepare you for the labor force. With these qualities, it’s more probable you’re gearing towards success in web design.

6. Faculty

A faculty with wide knowledge and practice in the field can affect your career in a great manner. Thus, when searching for a web design school, weigh the qualifications of its faculty. Learn about their interests and work experience if you want them to mentor you.

7. Teaching Style

If you’re satisfied with the professional qualifications of its instructors, it’s time to assess their teaching style. Ask them if they can let you sit in on their classes to get a feel of their approach. ThoughtCo.com suggests that you come a few minutes before the time “to greet the instructor and let him/her know why you’re there”. During the class, listen and join in the discussion only when asked by the teacher. Don’t take part at will. Once the class is over, express your appreciation and ask whatever question you have about the lesson.

8. Facilities

Inspect what facilities the web design college offers. Will you have access to modern studios, computer workstations and labs, and libraries? Will it train and expose you to the latest software?

9. Comments from graduates

Find students who took the course earlier and talk to them about their learning experience in the web design school. Yet, if you can’t find one, read online reviews on the school to help you gauge its competency in the field.

As an incoming college freshman who wants to learn web design, you have a few options you can consider. You can learn them on your own by way of tutorials and books or by enrolling in a web design specialist course in a local college such as CIIT Philippines. If you choose the second route, just heed our tips above, and you’re sure to find a top web design school.

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