Youth Voters Education

The countdown for the 2016 Presidential election has begun. Few more days until we determine who will be our nation’s next leader. Have you made up your mind who deserves your vote?

The outcome of this coming national election will dictate the future of our country. Here in CIIT we urge the students to exercise their right to vote as well as to instill in them the possible effects of their votes. We advocate wise and responsible voting. We want our students to have a clear perspective on how they can utilize their freedom to make a change.

In line with this, a mock election was held last April 30, 2016 by our National Service Training Program (NSTP) Officers for the coveted Presidential and Vice Presidential positions. The purpose of the activity is to simulate the election process and its possible outcome. By allowing the students to participate in the activity, they are given the opportunity to assess the credibility and competence of each candidate.

Our students have spoken. And here’s the result:

Respondents: 142

Binay 3 Cayetano 24
Defensor 64 Escudero 14
Duterte 59 Honasan 1
Poe 5 Marcos 56
Roxas 7 Robredo 41
Seneres 3 Trillanes 5
Undecided 1 Undecided 1

“Exercising the right to vote is a privilege and a social responsibility. The future of our country is in the hands of the 2016 voters. Please choose wisely and vote responsibly.”

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