Best Video in CIIT 2013 VMA: Sam Morales and Ydunn Lopez

The 18th of December marks the start of the CIIT students’ rush of blessings as they celebrate the school’s annual video music awards at their Christmas party entitled “XmasBash2013” hosted by CIIT Instructor Mochie Cuyco and Multimedia Arts student Sam Morales. From all the entries sent, only three teams raked in most of the awards.

Winning first place is Team M for their music video “Boy Who Could Fly”, headed by directors Sam Morales and Ydunn Lopez. The team bags most of the awards, which include Best Direction, Best Concept, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design.
Second place goes to Team Mossy for their video “Twenty Years from Now,” headed by directors Oliver Santiago and Neshi Cortez, who also won Best Editing.

Coming in third place is Team F for their video “Industrial Waste” and Team H for their video “Salarin,” headed by directors Jerick Reyes and Joshua Balleras respectively. Aside from winning third place, Team H also tied with Team Mossy for Best Editing.

When asked about winning first place, Sam said that she and Ydunn were ecstatic since there were only two of them who led the project, yet they were able to win first place and other awards. They learned a lot about optimism, teamwork, and preparedness because if not for those things, they would have never finished their video. In the end, they proved victorious and was able to produce a video they felt really proud of.

On behalf of Team M, Sam would like to thank God who gave them their talents, to Ydunn’s grandmother who brought soul to the video, their main character Nigel Gosiaco, Sir Jav Velasco, their instructor, who went out of his way to guide them, and SC president Marky Saavedra, Neshi Cortez, and Redgsh Navarrete for the moral support.

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