Unlocking Career Success: CIIT College Empowers Students With Essential Employment Insights

Written by: Sophia Hilario

Last January 26, 2024, the CIIT Placement Office organized the 2nd installment of their Career Development Lecture Series entitled “Career Quest: A Walkthrough into the Pre-Employment Basics and Workers’ Rights” at the CIIT Library Left Wing for both on-campus senior high school, college and alumni. The event was also live-streamed on the CIIT Placement Office Facebook Page for students and alumni who were not present on campus that day and were interested in listening and learning from the lecture. The purpose was to bridge the skill gap and enhance knowledge about essential government documents and basic workers’ rights, providing students and alumni with valuable insights into a successful career journey.

Photo by: Placement Team

The guest speaker, Ms. Phoebe Ratonel, a Recruitment Coordinator at Cloud Raptor with 5 years of experience in the Philippines’ business landscape, shared her expertise in the recruitment process, understanding necessary job application documents, and developing the right attitude for the corporate world. Ms. Ratonel emphasized the significance of one’s “Digital Footprint,” discussed workplace do’s and don’ts, navigated the legalities of employment, and prepared participants for the future. This equipped the audience with the skills needed to thrive in the professional landscape.

Photo by: Placement Team

During the event, students and alumni had the opportunity to ask important questions about pre-employment requirements and better understand their basic workers’ rights. One key takeaway from a student’s reflection was, “Yung takot mo yung magpapahamak sayo” – emphasizing that fear of the unknown can hinder countless opportunities. Ms. Phoebe’s wisdom empowered students with practical knowledge and the courage to confidently navigate the professional workplace.

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