CIIT SHS conducts UN and Halloween Celebration

Creative Young Minds: CIIT-SHS UN and Halloween Celebration in One Big Event

What’s gonna happen when UN and Halloween are celebrated in one big event at CIIT SHS? Overflowing artistry and creativity​ blow up! Students from the Senior High School Department of CIIT College of Arts and Technology once again flaunted their artistry by making the UN and Halloween celebration superbly entertaining with their fabulous costumes.

With the celebration of the United Nations in October and Halloween in November, a grand event was organized to let the students experience fun before the long weekend. Such celebrations are an avenue for the students to further express themselves and practice their creativity at the same time. True enough, the kids wore their best costumes during the day of the celebration. The crowd was a sight to see as these young people transformed themselves into game characters, favorite anime, cartoon and movie protagonists and antagonists, and of course, Halloween outfits.

Indeed, it was a jam-packed fun day for all CIIT Senior High School students. Suffice to say, the event paved the way for everyone to experience a great time expressing their creativity, socializing with friends, schoolmates, and teachers.

The Month-long Celebration and Competitions

Prior to the big event, the grade 11 and 12 students competed in different activities that showcased their creativity in commemoration of the foundation of United Nations. The exciting activities such as Photo Collage, and Digital and Poster Making brought life to this year’s theme of CIIT-SHS: “International Year of Forests and Urban Communities”. It was adapted from UNESCO’s International Day of Forests 2018​.

Before October ends, the teachers and students prepared themselves for activities related to Halloween. The ​SHS building​ was transformed into a creepy place made even eerier with bloody lights
and Halloween decorations along the halls. Inside the classrooms, each section designed their rooms similar to those known mysterious locations in other countries. These creative efforts of the students with their advisers were not in vain as they compete for the Best in Classroom Design Contest. Of course, on the day of the celebration two students were crowned as the Best Halloween Cosplayers.

On October 26, the winners of all the activities were announced along with the presentation of the very first Mr. and Ms. United Nations in CIIT. Each section represented UN countries namely, Mexico, Egypt, New Zealand, Tanzania, Cuba, Vanuatu, South Korea, Argentina, Venezuela, Thailand, Greece, and Germany. In the end, Mr. Venezuela Bon Joseph Paguntalan of Grade 12 Java and Ms. Germany Samantha Charlize Galang of Grade 11 Pattern bagged the crown!

Apart from UN and Halloween celebration, the SHS Department also seized the celebration to recognize the young folks who emerged in the competitions organized during the Teacher’s Day celebration. Check out the list of winners of all the activities below:

CIIT UN and Halloween Celebration Competition Winners

CIIT UN and Halloween Celebration Teacher's Day Activity Winners

CIIT UN and Halloween Celebration Activity Winners

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