Tulog Mga Kapatid!

Let’s be perfectly honest, it’s not really the release of the grades the students are looking forward to every single time a semester comes to a close. It’s not the short time that can be spent relaxing on a beach somewhere, or the short reprieve of relaxation and vacation before another term begins once again. It is, and will always be, that sleep, the fitful need to close one’s eyes and just rest, that the students have pushed back just so they could complete their requirements and accomplish their final projects. The same goes for the students of the Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology, who, in the last few days, have been seen dozing off in various parts of the campus.

Here are some of the pictures taken in the last few days to prove it:

Admittedly, they are insanely funny. What can’t help but actually burst out laughing when seeing these candid photographs. It’s an unusual to see such brilliant and gifted students asleep, open-mouthed, and sometimes drooling, in benches, on floors, in front of their computers, on top of their laptop keyboards, instead of their usual serious and creative demeanors that we are all quite familiar with. At the same time, these are proofs of the indelible amount of hard work, dedication and determination they have shown during the semester, something that CIIT is immensely proud of. So, in behalf of CIIT, we wish everyone congratulations on finishing their term and we bid them all the sleep and enjoyment in the world. See you all next semester!

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