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Top Pinoy Illustrator and Shirt Designer Visits

CIIT takes it upon itself to train and produce the next generation of industry-ready and world-class artists and programmers the Philippines can be proud of. But of course, education is only one aspect of needed for success. Preparedness, the ability to know and to be aware of what’s to come, what to expect and the opportunities available is also a must.

Last August 25, AJ Dimarucot, one of the great Filipino artists of the contemporary age, known for his incredible illustrations for Nike, Bratpack and ESPN, graced the halls of the campus with his presence. Invited by Mr. Jason Moss, he gave his time to around seventy freshmen students and talked about the reality outside the walls of the academe. In a few but very fruitful hours, he discussed the merits of working in the arts, his craft, the processes he undertakes, and the beauty of the industry he belongs to. After the talk, the students were given the magnanimous opportunity to ask questions, which further enriched them during their afternoon filled with inspiration and insight.

Of course, such discussions and talks are not just there for the sole purpose of inspiring the audience and making their more prepared for the journey ahead. These talks are also a constant reaffirmation of the talent and brilliance of the Filipino people and the hundreds of achievements we have accumulated over the years. These talks are a constant reminder of what we could accomplish and what can be done for the future and in the days to come. CIIT not only attempts to produce the best in the world, but it also seeks to produce great Filipinos who will contribute to the greatness of the country and its legacy.

For more information about AJ Dimarucot, check out his website at http://www.ajdimarucot.com
Legendary illustrator and graphic artist speaks in front of CIIT students
Photo ops just after the talk with fellow artist, Sir Jason Moss

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