The Future of Admission Systems Is CIIT’s Easy-to-Use Online Admission System

The excellent online admission system that CIIT proudly offers to its current and prospective students may be accessed at any time and from any location.

For students who wish to apply to CIIT Philippines, the CIIT Online Admission System (COAST) is a self-service online application they can easily use whenever and wherever they need to. With COAST, no one will ever be bothered by traditional and inconvenient school admission/application systems issues.

One would recall how the COVID-19 pandemic forced the hand of businesses and organizations to conduct their transactions online. These included the schools which were also forced to perform their application processes online. This proved to be a challenge, because both the technology and the schools’ websites sometimes crashed or experienced downtime. When it came to online admissions, tasks that once took only a few minutes to complete now required days or even weeks. All these made it more challenging to enroll in or apply to campuses

Since then, as the easing of restrictions meant gradually resuming face-to-face interactions, some enrollees might still opt to take advantage of online systems for convenience—and safety—purposes. COAST aims to cut through the chase and make the whole admission process easier. It is a hassle-free system that enables people to avoid things like having to physically go to the school to apply, enduring long queues, and having to come back should systemic flaws occur. Instances of returning to campus because of unmet criteria or confusing rules can be completely avoided.

COAST is CIIT’s innovative solution to the difficulties of school admission and application processes. It’s a website where students and parents can complete the SHS or college application process online, from filling out the application form to paying the admission fee to even taking the exam. Nobody needs to leave the comforts of their own homes. Not only that; since CIIT has been implementing the system for a number of years, they have already refined and polished the system for better usability.

A primary advantage of utilizing COAST is saving time because one no longer has to wait in line or drive through heavy traffic, and a student may apply to the school as early as possible and wherever they choose. It’s also safe and secure since it’s backed by reliable security systems to keep all of the data protected. Not to mention, one may complete the entire application procedure in a matter of days.

When a person has the opportunity to use COAST, they will see that its interface is simple and easy to follow. They may even track the status of their application to ensure that they don’t miss any steps. Applicants may submit documents, select their preferred payment channel, schedule their entrance exam, and finish their application in a timely and efficient manner.

To begin the application process, go to the COAST registration page and complete the required information to create an account. After registering, candidates must pay the non-refundable admission fee of ₱500 in the COAST payment section. They can pay through credit/debit card, GrabPay, GCash, Maya, OTC or coins.ph, BPI Online, UnionBank Online, and Atome.

Using COAST, one can complete all of the admission application requirements, receive their recommendation letters, and view the result of their exam and the progress of their application. When a student passes the entrance exam, they can view their results on COAST.

Indeed, by encouraging students to join the ranks of aspirant CIITzens, CIIT Philippines has created a more convenient and seamless experience with COAST.

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