The Bleachers Cinema Lab: How CIIT Nurtures Future Filmmakers

In the dynamic world of filmmaking, CIIT College of Arts and Technology emerges as the place for aspiring film students. It stands not just as an educational institution, but as a haven where the art of filmmaking is deeply revered and nurtured. 

With a steadfast commitment to student welfare, we ensure that each individual is equipped with not only the knowledge but also the resources paramount to excel. For our Multimedia Arts students majoring in film, their focus is on understanding the intricacies of filmmaking by exploring both the artistic and scientific aspects of cinematic creation. 

Here, students are given the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that mirrors the actual field of filmmaking. Our programs are designed to refine their skills, sharpen their creative instincts, and prepare them for the ever-evolving world of the film industry. 

The Impact of Bleachers Cinema Lab on Student Achievement

If you’re passionate about enhancing skills in filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, directing, or simply aiming to boost confidence in these creative fields, the Bleachers Cinema Lab at CIIT is the place to be. 

This innovative mini theater is a testament to the thriving Filipino digital arts scene, offering a unique platform where film students can showcase their work alongside award-winning Filipino movies. 

Aside from that, the lab was thoughtfully designed to furnish students with an ideal setting for viewing films and engaging in master classes and discussions—all aimed at enriching the knowledge and skills of budding filmmakers. 

The Bleachers Cinema Lab also presents students with a thrilling chance to witness their creations on the big screen. We believe that this experience does more than just encourage students to take risks in their filmmaking journey; it also creates a safe space for learning that enhances productivity and creativity.

As noted by one of the students, Kate Francisco, the lab is not just a facility but an experience blending comfort with inspiration. “It was so fun being able to experience the opening of CIIT’s Bleachers Cinema Lab. You best bring your hoodie because it was really cold there! The short films that were screened were all very impressive. It really showcased how talented the CIITzens are. Even though the place was quite small, it was still comfy. Can’t wait for it to expand!”

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Over the years, we’ve been fostering a thriving community of creators. Our curricula and programs have been crafted to equip our students with the tools necessary for building confidence and navigating their way toward their career goals. 

Through the Bleachers Cinema Lab, we aim to instill a sense of achievement in students with every project they present, while supporting their ongoing educational journey in an environment that can help them reach their greatest potential. 

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