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Supreme Student Council 2020

By Gab Fullon

There are plenty of theories, hundreds of studies, and tons of inspirational quotes about leadership. I could have used one scholarly sounding definition to describe what student leadership is, but I decided to keep my description simple: student leadership means inclusivity.

Inclusivity is giving a chance for everyone to be heard. It is giving a fair and equal opportunity for everyone to participate, to step up, and to speak. Student leaders are not set apart from the student body. Student leaders are the student body. They are the same as the student that walks the hallways of the campus every 7:00 am. They speak the same voice as those students having a good chat in the cafeteria. 

As representatives of the student body, they are part of the institution’s growth. They communicate the needs and concerns of the student body. And when these leaders are heard, the student body is heard. SImply put, a good relationship between student leaders and administration equates to a healthy school culture.

To maintain a dynamic and positive school culture through a healthy relationship between students and administration, we opened the candidacy for the Supreme Student Council (SSC) before the first semester of this school year ends. A number of students signified their intention on taking the role of a student leader, and we look forward to seeing these leaders in action. The following is the schedule for the SSC Election 2020-2021.

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