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New Term, New Faces: CIIT Philippines

May 16, 2017 marked the beginning of yet another trimester in CIIT. It was on this day that we held SY 2016 – 2017’s First Stop student orientation for the third term, with a theme that revolved around travelling or going on a journey.

The First Stop event was created by our Student Formation and Services department back in the second term of SY 2015-2016 in order to introduce new students to CIIT’s culture, people, rules, and way of life. This year’s “pre-show” had the newcomers playing board games in order for them to make new friends and to foster the value of Communication, one of SFS’ CPAG goals, in the new students. After this came the orientation proper.

Mr. Arman Mangilinan gave the opening remarks of the program, welcoming all the new faces to CIIT. Ms. Nadine Delos Reyes then introduced the students to CIIT’s history, Mission, Vision, and Values. College Dean Avonn Nova then talked to the newbies, stating the importance of their skills and academic performance, saying that these are going to be the cornerstones of their future careers.

While the dean talked about the importance of academic performance, Sir Arman (in his second appearance), talked about the importance of attitude, and by this he meant the CPAG campaign. “It’s not just about being skilled. I mean yes of course you need to be skilled in order to succeed, but you also need the right mindset and work ethic. That’s where CPAG kicks in. Because even if we are all for freedom of expression, we have to remember that things are different once you’re in a company. You need to be presentable.” in relation to this, Discipline Officer Camille Francisco also talked about how the kids can stay out of trouble.

Following the CPAG and disciplinary intros were the various departments and their requirements for the incoming students, these departments were the registrar, finance, and medical services. Sir Arman then showed the students the social media accounts that they can use to contact the school and each other, as well as the other modes of communication that are available to them.

The student council did an intermission number and introduced the newbies to student life in CIIT; this included the council itself, the many organizations of the student body, and of course the special events for all the students. First Stop was fittingly ended by Dean Avonn.

Welcome to CIIT guys, good luck on your journey!”

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